Game Information
Zero: Spirit Focus
Creator trichro
Medium Unknown
Genre Horror
Language English
Game Version Demo
Game Status Ongoing

Spirit Focus is a fan made Hetagame, based on the characters of Hetalia and the story of the wonderful game series, Zero, known to the Americans as Fatal Frame and the Europians as Project Zero. 

Game Plot/Game SummaryEdit

We used to spend a lot of time here together, didn’t we?

This game will hopefully have you sat at the edge of your seat as we pick up the story in Act 2, following Lovino Vargas as he wakes up in the forest to find his younger twin has wandered off. Will you be able to help him catch Feliciano before they stumble upon a dark secret ages older than them?


Lovino Vargas Edit

  • Feliciano's older twin, the character you control for the entirety of the demo.

Feliciano Vargas Edit

  • Lovino's younger twin, tags along Lovino for almost the entire demo.

Roderich Edelstein Edit

  • A ghost that you encounter, does not play a role in the game, yet.

Elizaveta Herdervary Edit

  • A ghost that you fight during the demo, who is also labeled as "Female Ghost."

Wang Yao Edit

  • Plays a minor part in the demo, appears for a moment in a cutscene of the demo.

Kiku Honda Edit

  • Plays a minor part in the demo, is only mentioned in the demo.