Game Information
Traverse Hetalia
Image (if allowed)
Creator PiplupCRAZYgirl
Medium Program used to make the game i.e. RPG Maker VX Ace
Genre Adventure
Language English
Game Version N/A
Game Status Under Development
Website PiplupCRAZYgirl

Traverse Hetalia is an English-langauge game created by PiplupCRAZYgirl.

Game Plot/Game SummaryEdit

Japan and America have created a time machine that needs to be tested so they call everyone to help out. Suddenly the machine goes out of control and warps the countries back in time! But when they arrive in the past, something seems familiar...and they see their past selves! They realize later that they have to help their past self with history that already happened and to make sure it doesn't change without letting their past selves know it's them. After completing their task with each countries past, they must collect a specific number of shining blue orbs that will help them go back to the present. Their appearance changed as they traveled back through time and this is their so-called "Traverse self" so their past selves won't recognize them easily. Will they be able to go through the pain going through those certain times in history again?


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