Game Information
The Fraternal Bond
The fraternal bond demo version by kido4ever-d8r5x9b
Creator kido4ever
Medium RPG Maker XP
Genre Adventure
Language English
Game Version 1.0
Game Status Completed
Website kido4ever

The Fraternal Bond is an English-language game created by kido4ever with RPG Maker XP.

Game Plot/Game SummaryEdit

It begins with America, also known as Alfred F. Jones, mourning at the cemetery after the death of a nation at their grave (as the game progresses, we quickly learn that it was Canada's, or Matthew Williams', grave). Upon having seen blood outside of the cemetery, Alfred investigates the hole it leads to, where he meets Allen F. Jones (2P!America). There, he's told that he could possibly bring Matthew back, leading to America to play Allen's "tiny game" to bring Canada back alive, while he learns that there was more to his brother then he once thought.


America (Alfred F. Jones) Edit

The protagonist of the game. America tries desperately to bring back Canada from the death by playing Allen's game. He travels around the "Timeless Zone" in hopes of beating his game as it involves travels through time, from childhood to independence. He receives help from Chibitalia along the way. After saving Matthew (and Chibitalia), they go after Allen, to find out that the reason he wanted Alfred dead was because he could've ruled the world, but chose to let the power escape him. Edit

Canada (Matthew Williams) Edit

In the beginning, Canada had been decreased as far as the other nations knew. After Alfred starts to play Allen's game, many things are revealed to him about Matthew. He has the power to see the future in visions and can use similar magic to that of Britain. Because of his powers, he meant Allen in their childhood. Matthew makes Allen promise to take his life over Alfred's when the time comes, to which he agreed. After being saved by Alfred, they both save Chibitalia, and go to end their problem with Allen.

2P!America (Allen F. Jones) Edit


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