Game Information
Shuuentalia: Nearing Demise
Shuuentalia nearing demise demo by kuro21blackhawk-d7m2p5p
Creator Kuro21BlackHawk
Medium RPG Maker VX Ace
Genre Mystery, Horror, Puzzle
Language English
Game Version Demo Version
Game Status Continuation unclear
Website Kuro21BlackHawk

Shuuentalia: Nearing Demise is an English language RPG based off of the music video series Shuuen no Shiori and is created by Rustic-Hawk (formerly Kuro21BlackHawk) with RPG Maker VX Ace. As of now, it is unclear whether or not the game will be continued.

Game Plot/Game SummaryEdit

10 Nations were having a World Meeting, when they decided to help Japan solving the mysterious murder cases in his homeland. After reenacting the game, Kokkuri-san, they were dragged into a game that no one should have stepped in... The Demise Game and the Bookmark of Demise.


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