Philia N
Nation Name Philia the Outer Philippine Islands
Human Name Charice Pacquiao
Age 17
Species Nation
Birthday June 12, 1898
Height 5' 2" (155 cm) (5' 4" (168 cm) in some heels)
Hair/Eye Color Black/Golden brown
Job Class Red Mage
Weapon Spear

Philia is the main protagonist of the Hetalia fan game Persona Powers Hetalia, created by HotaruMitsuki101 (or Mitsuki Horenake) . She wields the Wild Card Persona and the only female member of the Persona Team. Her main weapon is a spear.


Philia is olive- to medium-skinned with short hair and wears a red-orange and black outfit with white shoes, with the color scheme changing from red-orange to orange to white in her sprite sheet. Ari’s design of Philia consists of her having the same skin tone, short black hair with slightly spiky bangs that split at the center of her forehead, with the back of her head tightly layered and cropped with only her front locks going past her chin. She wears a pink, pastel pink and pastel yellow outfit consisting of a pink collar with pastel yellow trim and button that exposes her small cleavage and connects to a fuchsia overskirt with wide white marks at the front of it, underneath a pink miniskirt with a pastel yellow trim, with white petticoats underneath, and a pastel pink top with pastel yellow trim that goes in a curved zig-zag and two buttons of the same color between them.

The outfit also consists of the collar having pink, fuschia, and white small sleeves, pink detached wide sleeves with pastel yellow trim, black stockings, pink gogo boots with pastel yellow tops and the soles of them being white, and a brass headband with the sun on the side of Philia’s head with a white ribbon tied around the headband. She also has a scar on her right arm due to Spain cutting it open with his axe, leaving it ranging from paralyzed to numb to being itchy,

as noted by Romano when he notices her scratching her scar.

In Japan’s world, Philia wears two pink cherry blossom hair pins on either side of her head with strawberry strings extending from little gold cat bells and ending with light pink pearls or beads, a pink floral-patterned kimono with a short skirt and fuchsia sash with a large bow in the back and a cherry blossom pendant in the front, white mid-thigh stockings and wooden sandals with strawberry straps.

In England’s secret garden, her outfit changes to a Final Fantasy-like costume, consisting of a red leotard with gold shoulder plates, gold necklace with a moonstone gem in the center, a pale lavender cape extending from the gold pieces, red gloves with two gold bracelets on each, a gold peaked band that goes around her hips with a lavender-tinted miniskirt extending from it, white ankle boots, and in her hair is a gold tiara with a merlinite shaped into a flower.

In America’s world, she wears a red leotard with a gold necklace with two rubies with a pale violet cape extending from it, gold straps that rests on her highermost arms, red gloves with gold wrist bands, a ruby-embodied gold sash that goes around her hips with a light lavender loincloth extending from it, bright red stockings with blood red garterbelts, light red ankle boots with gold heels and a red carnation in her hair.

In Prussia’s world, Philia’s hair becomes longer and tied into pigtails that are at hip-length, a slightly pale fuchsia witch hat with a pink ribbon around the base with a pastel pink petticoat, a pale pink short-sleeved dress with pink ends on the sleeves, a brown belt with a dark pink overskirt extending from it, with the bottom of the dress having dark rose trim with two Iron Cross patterns of the same color, pastel pink cape with plum trim and gold buttons and chain at the front of it, light gray wrist-length gloves, black fishnet stockings and light grey heeled ankle boots.

In memory sequences, Philia wears a blue-gray outfit consisting of a winter blue twin-tailed hat with white fluff trim and pom-poms on the tips of the tails, a cape with the same color as the hat with the same white fluff trim with gold buttons and a chain of the same metal, a light blue short-sleeved skating dress with dark blue Iron Cross markings and trim, light gray gloves, white fishnet stockings, and light gray boots. She keeps the same long pigtails as her pink outfit in Prussia’s world.

During play rehearsals, she wears a black wig whose hair goes down to her buttocks and tied in a pollyana with a dark mulberry ribbon, a rose simple Victorian-style dress with two red rose buttons on her collar, with a dark mulberry sash tied into a bow with pale light strawberry fabric extending from the front of the sash and wraps to the bow.

Philia’s other sprite sheets have other casual outfits that are of the same design as her original, except that they are yellow-orange, white, and cocoa brown. See also: Design


Philia is generally spunky, hyper, and cheerful and has a weakness for cute boys, which triggers her Cute Obsession Syndrome. She also has a great sense of confidence, enthusiasm and is eccentric. However, she feels uneasy around tall people and gets very feisty at times, to the point when she can punch someone in the face when someone makes a sensual move on her.

While she may look innocent, she has somewhat of a dirty mind, usually getting any sexual innuendo when spoken. She is also a fujoshi (literally "rotten girl;" a girl who has a deep love for yaoi/shounen-ai). She can also be somewhat forgiving to other people due to her own personal belief that any actions caused by other nations or her nation superiors aren’t the fault of them and their bosses are to blame, as she stated almost midway through the game.

According to Mitsuki, when Philia was a young child, she was very timid and shy and was easily taken advantage of, and her Cute Obsession Syndrome was actually a recent creation to her personality. When this came to be is not known, but it's assumed that her meeting with and befriending America have contributed to the person she is now.


Hong Kong Edit

Hong Kong is the first person Philia met on her way to class. He walks off after witnessing Cuba’s death scene and Philia follows him, but the two land in another dimension. He protects Philia from the Shadows that appeared while she gained her Persona. After the two defeat them, they befriend each other and get out of Canada’s world together.


The two seem to be on good terms with one another. If the player cancels out all the options while Philia waits outside the auditorium, the player will be redirected to Canada, both he and Philia head upstairs where the two talk casually, making Canada nervous to the point of fainting for an unknown reason.


America is Philia’s longtime best guy friend and war ally. Being friends with him, Philia defends him from other people who accuse him of killing Cuba. Philia even says that his allegiance is to America alone back in America’s world, and says that he has done lots of good things such as America granting her and her brother, Luzon, independence when the two were previously America’s colonies.


Their relationship is somewhat rocky. When the two first met outside of his garden, England put chains around Philia’s wrists and took her to the Student Council room when Philia revealed that she comes from the South Asian class. However, England becomes stupefied when the Philippines is actually two people including Luzon, so it’s been hinted that England gave up trying to make Philia his colony.


The two seem to be on best terms with each other, and Spain treats Philia like both a friend and a daughter, even calling her by her human name and telling her to refer to him by his. Spain was the one responsible for giving Philia her scar during their colonial days, though Philia seemed to have forgiven him for it, knowing that it wasn’t his fault that he did it.


Luzon is Philia’s younger brother. Despite being the younger of the two, Luzon seems to be protective of Philia at points, even barging into the new garden Spain introduced to her, demanding to know what he has done to his sister. While the two are both best friends and siblings, the two have different opinions and he believes that no nation may get too close to one another, fearing that the whole world will exploit it if a slight hint of vunerability is exposed, because there is no safe move in the political world.


The following section conains spoilers. Please highlight the white box below to read.

Version 1Edit

Philia arrives at World Academy, having been invited to America, to attend classes there. When her first lecture is done, she goes to the dormitories on the left of the school where she meets Canada and Cuba. The three befriend each other and part ways.

The next morning, Philia wakes up and goes to her first class, but comes across a crime scene and discovers that Cuba has been murdered by an unknown individual. She sees Hong Kong walking from the scene and suspicious, Philia follows him to a portal. Despite Hong Kong’s warnings, both he and Philia become transported to another dimension. There Philia demands to know what’s happening, but before their talk continues, Shadows appear, and Hong Kong tries to fend them off from her. Awhile, Philia gets her Wild Card Persona and kills off the Shadows.

After the fight, both Philia and Hong Kong decide to find a way out of the snowy dimension. The two eventually find Canada, and Philia tries to coax him into joining her and Hong Kong’s side, but fails. The pair then proceed to fight Canada’s Shadow and the three become transported back to their home world.</p>

The two find Canada in the library to talk about the Shadows, but Philia leaves abruptly for her class, meeting America along the way. After arriving in her class, she notices the students crowded at the front to stay away from America. However, Philia advises her best friend to not listen to them, and America runs off.

The next day, Philia goes upstairs to the gym to practice using her Persona, but finds America going into the East Wing. Curious, Philia approaches him and asks if he is okay. America replies that he is, but grabs Philia’s shoulders and pleads with her that he did not murder Cuba. Philia believes him. Grateful, America gives Philia a toy soldier before running off, but she goes after him, but America disappears.

Not knowing what to do next, Philia decides to talk to England, but winds up in his magic garden. There, she meets a being called the Spirit of the Past, who says he feels compelled to come to the school. Curious, Philia shows the spirit the soldier America gave her, and the spirit shows a memory of America declaring independence from England.

After the memory sequence, Philia feels dazed and goes out of the garden, where she comes across England. After she reveals that she’s from the South Asian class, England abducts her and takes her to the Student Council room where England declares her as her colony. Annoyed, Philia punches England in the face and reveals that the Philippines is actually two people including her younger brother, Luzon. Amidst the chaos, Philia hears that there’s another murder and rushes upstairs.

After joining up with Hong Kong and Canada once again, the trio sneak into the samurai room where Japan is supposedly murdered. The three get transported to Japan’s world. They confront Japan’s Shadow briefly and demands to know where Japan is, but they only get cryptid answers. Determined, Philia and her two friends go through the maze to the bridge where they confront Japan’s Shadow again. Japan’s Shadow drains them of most of their power and is left to die on the bridge.

After doing some investigating, the trio finally encounter Japan’s Shadow and beats it down. Hong Kong reveals that he has to make sure that both Japan’s land and title could reincarnate as the new Japan much to Philia and Canada’s chagrin. The three become transported home and Philia fawns over Japan’s child form.

Hereafter, Philia goes back to her dorm room and ponders who the killer might be and why would he do such a thing.

The next morning, Philia heads to class, but sees France at the school entrance. He drags her there where France announces that there will be a play going on. While Philia wanders around, she finds America. While they were talking, he seems to space out and Philia asks what’s wrong with him. However, she ducks for cover when America is set on fire.

After America was sent to the infirmary, Philia reminisces about her previous conversation with America. She then vows to find out who did this to America. Hereafter, Philia and her friends go to the park, where they compliment on Canada’s singing.

The next morning, as Philia’s going to class, she hears an explosion from somewhere and rushes to the infirmary to see it’s been wrecked. While looking around, Philia notices a portal England opened and, depending on what the player chooses, decides to either jump in, wait for the others, or review what just happened. Philia, along with Hong Kong, Japan, and Canada who just arrived on the scene, jump through the portal on a sailing ship.

There, Philia inquires England’s fairy familiar, and she reveals that England used every dark magic spell in existence to open up the portal to the Shadow world. Hereafter, Philia checks out a crystal figurehead, and upon touching it, England’s Shadow emerges and starts attacking her and her friends.</p>

After the battle, Philia drops the toy soldier America gave her and goes through another memory sequence in which England gives a colonial America a box of toy soldiers, one of which Philia recognizes. Upon seeing this, Philia begins to feel sympathy for England, and the two land back into the Shadow world.

The team arrives on a beach and explores around in hopes of finding clues, but run into an odd man known as “Jackson F. Jones.” Confused, Philia and the group then find a nun who, by coincidence, is looking for her, and gives her a medallion half, telling her to save the continent from “the tyrant."</p>

The party finds the other half, but find that they can’t be fused together, much to Philia’s frustration. They then encounter another man in gold armor and inquire him about how to fuse the medallion halves. He replies saying that the party must find “the cave within the mountains.” The party then heads off.

After fusing the medallions together and finding the Mirror of Truth, Philia and the team use it on a pyramid they find in front of a dark castle and go into the path it opened. They find Jackson, who’s sitting on the throne alone. The team interrogates him on where America is, but Jackson refuses. However, after being pressured, Jackson attacks the team and refuses to tell where America is. Angered, Philia fights Jackson, demanding to know where America is, in which Jackson complies.

After the battle, America’s world become unstable, and Philia quickly uses the Mirror of Truth to know about America’s whereabouts, where, unsurprisingly, gets thrown into yet another memory sequence along with England, where they witness Jackson pressuring past England into joining him in his and America’s Civil War. Philia asks present England why he had said no to Jackson, and he replies saying that if he said yes, then the Confederacy would succeed and be its own nation, also adding that if their money runs out, both Jackson and America would have fallen and died, which shocks her.

Hereafter, the team goes back home where Philia discovers the whole infirmary repaired. After rejoicing, she goes back to her dorm room to sleep.</p>

The next day, Philia finds America having healed from his burn injuries, as well as a new Southern accent. The two then decide to go to the auditorium where dress rehearsal is being held. After rehearsal, the player has the choice for Philia to hang out with either Hong Kong, America, England, Japan, or--if the player cancels out all the options--Canada.

Version 2.0Edit

After hanging out with the nations, Philia goes back to her dorm room and makes herself a packed lunch. The player has to choose for Philia to either go to the park, go to the music wing, sneak into the library, or--if the player cancels out all the options--hang out with Germany. If the player chooses the park, Philia goes there and meets up with Spain once again. Spain then explains that there is a small picnic area in the park and Philia follows him. She introduces herself to Romano and Romano returns the same. After witnessing Spain flirting with one of America’s cities, Budapest, her alleged boyfriend, beats him up while Romano and Philia flee the scene.

At the river, Philia talks with Romano about Spain and finds out that the two were raised by him, but separately. The two then part ways.

At the front of the school entrance Philia meets with Russia, who unknowingly scares her. While they talk, Luzon walks by and tells Russia off for startling his sister. Philia asks what’s between Russia and Luzon, and he explains that the two just became friends. Russia creepily asks her if it’s bad, with Luzon telling him to be nice. The three part ways with Philia going back to her dorm room and Luzon and Russia going to the New York area, with Luzon promising to bring home dinner for her.

The next day, Philia goes to class, but meets up with America who’s pacing in front of the dorm building. Philia asks if America’s waiting for someone, and he replies saying that he’s waiting for England. Philia suspects a “My Little Pony” marathon coming up, shocking America. However, Philia changes the subject to America’s comic book preference, Marvel or DC. However, America doesn’t reply, but Philia snaps him out of it by mentioning him watching “My Little Pony” with England, which enrages him.

Hereafter, Philia thinks about how odd it is for the people of the school playing nice in order to pay their lives to the killer, despite him taking one and narrowly missing two others. She begins to suspect that she is dealing with two people, the first person killing Cuba at the beginning of the game, the other nearly killing Japan and America in over-the-top ways. Awhile, Spain interrupts her thinking and tells her that people are starting to believe that she’s connected to Cuba’s murder, but informs her that it’s only a small group since most of the rumors died down when America got attacked in the infirmary, much to her relief.

Sometime after, Philia waits outside the auditorium and Luzon exits out, telling her that they don’t need her. He also heard that Spain was talking to her earlier and asks if he said anything bad to her. Philia replies no, lying that she was having casual conversation with her. Luzon is relieved, but still worries about Spain, but Philia assures her brother that it could be worse, as the two would not have taken the invitation to come to World Academy as there is the killer running around.

After parting ways, Philia goes for a walk in the park, where she encounters Prussia mumbling to himself in German. Philia tries to sneak away, but Prussia catches her, with a sense of dread within him. She asks what’s going on with him and Prussia casually replies that he’s deciding whether or not to blow off an upcoming test. Slightly stupefied, Philia exits the park, but subtly promises to meet him again.

In class, Philia meets Hungary and they introduce each other. Hungary tells Philia that she’s conducting her own investigation regarding the murders. She suspects that the whole school is dealing with two killers, one of which who killed Cuba, the other being a copycat killer who “killed” America and Japan in the most outrageous ways possible. Philia shares the same suspicion and volunteers to go along with Hungary, and she complies.

At lunch, Philia informs the Persona team about Hungary conducting her own personal investigation. The team agrees that Hungary can be their eyes and ears while they’re in the Shadow world saving people and keeping the Shadows and their Personas a secret from her.

After lunch, Philia goes to the auditorium to encounter Prussia once again, this time in a playboy outfit. Embarrassed by this, he asks her to pick up a box of accessories for the play and she says yes. After she gets the accessories from Toronto, Philia encounters a ghost in armor, who’s panicking that one of her grandsons might be the next murder victim. She tries to talk to him, but the ghost disappears, which prompts her to talk with the others about it.

After giving Prussia the accessories, Hong Kong exits out and Philia talks to him about a strange ghost with armor on, and Hong Kong deducts that the ghost is talking about one of the people of the school who could be the potential murder victims. Philia describes the ghost as having gold eyes and curls all over his hair, and Hong Kong concludes that it’s one of the Italy brothers who mostly fit into the description. The two then decide to warn both brothers.

Hereafter, Philia becomes bored from studying and decides to go out. Along the way, she encounters Romano again, and asks if Hong Kong had talked to him earlier. Romano says that she’s actually talking about his younger brother, Italy Veniziano, which shocks her. Philia then explains about the ghost she saw earlier and says that Romano might be the next murder victim. Shocked and confused, Romano dashes off, prompting Philia to chase him all the way to the park. She eventually catches up to him, but Romano retorts about his reaction to his grandfather--the ghost--telling him that he might be the next murder victim. Philia tells Romano to watch his back and goes back to her dorm room to rest.

The next day, Philia goes to class, coming across Italy, whom she mistook for Romano, along the way. Immediately, her Cute Obsession Syndrome arises and begins to chase down Italy to the three-way path, frightening him. She attempts to hug and cuddle him, but while doing so, Shadows appear suddenly. The two run to the park, and Italy asks what he saw, and the player is given a choice to either tell the truth or lie. Regardless, Philia comes up with a plan to mislead the Shadows by hiding into the trees and retreat to the school, but the Shadows catch up to them before they could even do so. The two are severely outnumbered, but America comes to their rescue and fights along with Philia to beat the Shadows.

After they’re destroyed, America informs Philia that Shadows had broken out, but they haven’t attacked the school. However, there were five people missing, and she and Italy are among the five, with the last three being Prussia, Romano, and Spain. Philia and Italy join up with America and they find only Romano and Spain in the west side of the forest, discovering that Prussia was murdered, and Romano yelling at Spain to get out of here.

However, before they could do so, a Shadow emerges and attempts to kidnap Romano, but Philia grabs his hand to pull him out of the portal, but Romano becomes sucked in. Upon seeing this, Spain jumps into the portal despite America and Philia’s protests. Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, and England arrive on the scene and Philia explains that Prussia was found dead in the forest and Romano was kidnapped by the Shadows with Spain foolishly trying to rescue him. Italy demands to know what’s going on, and Philia reluctantly explains to him about Personas and Shadows. Awhile, the whole group, including Italy, becomes sucked into the portal and into a game show setting. Only Philia and Italy are present, with Shadow Prussia appearing before them and explains the rules of “The Three-path Hunt,” a game they’re unwittingly participating in, in which they have to light eight beacons on the game board. Philia deduces that the beacons are connected with the others and decides to go along with it, with Italy tagging along.

Version 2.1Edit

After recruiting America and Japan, as well as encountering Romano’s Shadow and getting confused with his pessimistic cryptid sayings, Philia theorizes that with every Shadow world she’s been to, the Shadows of her friends were the opposite of what they are. Needless to say, the group heads out to the second stage, where they read Prussia’s diary entries on crystals, obtain The Sword of the General, and eventually finding and reuniting with Hong Kong.

They arrive in the tent to find Romano’s Shadow and he fights them, with Prussia adding commentary much to their annoyance.

After the battle Philia lets Italy to talk with Romano, and pleads with him to come with him. Hereafter, the group lands back into the beginning with Romano having joined the Persona team, and they go into the second act.

Version 2.2Edit

The group then encounters Spain, who strangely wishes to take back Philia as a colony and sails off. Philia scratches her scarred arm in grimace. After recruiting Canada and England, the group comes across another memory sequence in one of the chambers in the islands in which Spain cuts open a colonial Philia’s arm, which healed into a scar the bears now. However, Philia reassures the team that it’s no big deal and he has forgiven Spain for his actions, knowing that he didn’t want to hurt her.

After finding the Coral Keys on each island, the group heads to the second stage to activate the eight circles, which opens up the portals in the tower at the end of the stage. Awhile, Romano frets over what’s going on right now with Spain, but Philia assures him that like everyone else, Spain has a lot of secrets that they hide from the world and it’s not a bad thing, and he will understand Spain once the whole thing is over. The group then heads to the last floor of the tower, where they encounter Spain’s Shadow and fight it.

After the battle, Philia gets thrown into another memory sequence along with Romano involving Spain and a human before their expedition to Mexico, and him going to war and his romantic relationship with a human named Carmela, which confuses them.

Version 2.3Edit

Hereafter, Philia receives an Iron Cross from Prussia as a strange gift for “winning” the Three Path Hunt. Thanks to Canada opening the portal, the group goes into Prussia’s world where they can either enter the Red Flags path or the Blue Flags path. Regardless, the group finally finds Prussia, praying. However, the attacks them out of the blue.

After the battle, Prussia disappears, leaving behind the grim words “I will never forgive.” The group then decided to follow him, only to come across a hall of paintings, the last of them is a set of paintings titled “The Boundaries,” which confuses Philia.

Upon learning of what the paintings mean, the team (minus Hong Kong and Philia) jumps into the crystal portal. Philia checks the paintings and sees that there are actually landmarks of the land of what was once Prussia. Needless to say, both she and Hong Kong jump into the portal and finds Italy, Canada, and Japan at the top of the stairs. The two ask them about why they went nuts and jumped into the portal leaving them behind. Japan explains that Prussia was dissolved twice, the second time two years after World War II. Hong Kong and Philia then deduce that the reason why Prussia attacked them in the previous dimension was because he wanted revenge on America and England for killing off Germany. With that in mind, the group encounters Gilbird, Prussia’s pet chick, and gets sent into another dimension where they reunite with Spain and Romano, who are also looking for them.

Spain then sends him and the whole group into another dimension filled with gravestones, much to Philia’s irritation, but follows the grave path where she and the group find America and England battling Prussia, with England only gravely wounded. Prussia attacks them once again, and after a lengthy battle, Philia, along with Hong Kong and America, gets landed into another memory sequence where they witness the end of World War II, in which Russia drags Prussia away leaving England to shoot Germany in the head, shocking them.

Hereafter, Philia and the team goes back home, but Philia wonders where Prussia is, but America sadly replies that he’s not coming back.

Later in the day, Philia can’t stop thinking about Prussia, but grows concerned that Prussia’s death would be put on by America by the other students. Her thoughts are interrupted when Hong Kong visits her and asks if she and America are okay. Philia replies she is, but she doesn’t know where America is and the two agree to look for him together. As they exit out, they encounter Spain, where he wants to borrow Philia for a bit, with Hong Kong reluctantly letting her go.

In the hallway, Spain and Philia talk about the Shadow world, but the subject changes when they mention of Prussia, but since he was a former nation, his death put the weight on their shoulders. However, Spain leads her to a new garden, where he reveals that he was originally a human who somehow gained immortality and subsequently became a nation. Philia assures Spain, though, that even though he has human heritage, he should embrace it for what it is. However, before their conversation could continue, Luzon barges in, demanding to know what Spain has done to Philia. Spain assures him that they’re having normal conversation and leaves. Philia tells him off for barging in on their talk, but Luzon replies that no one nation gets too close to one another, which made Philia think.

One week later, Philia gets up and gets ready for her class, but meets Italy along the way, who announces that World Academy has opened a new lounge area. Philia follows Italy to a painting gallery where he reveals that he made the paintings and asked America if he could represent them in an unused room, where he converted into an art gallery. Philia compliments Italy’s artistic techniques, but asks if Germany is okay, following Prussia’s death. Italy becomes worried, but Philia assures Italy to stay her friend. She then offers to buy them lunch, with Italy gleefully replying yes.


Mitsuki came up with the Philippine twins as characters during her high school days. Essentially, the real-life Philippines consist of three islands--Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. In Philia's case, she wasn't named after any of the individual Philippine islands, rather Mitsuki adopted the name for her after another Philippines OC, noting it sounded cute and because so that the other nations wouldn't call her "Philippines" all the time.

For Philia's human name, Mitsuki came up with "Charice Pacquiao," with the first name referring to a Filipino singer of the same first name while the last, Pacquiao, is referenced from male Filipino boxing champion Manny Pacquiao. (See also: Trivia)


When first creating the Philippine Twins, Mitsuki originally drawn Philia with tanned skin, short black hair that goes to her neck and with two cowlicks that comes from the top of her head, and with a gold hair pin in the shape of the sun on the right side of her head. Her original outfit consists of a red, yellow and white color scheme with a duangua-like shirt with trim going down to the white portion that curves upward, a burgundy sleeveless over coat, short shorts with trim, black tights, and lace-up boots with white tops.

However, Philia underwent a redesign, now wearing a pink duangua-like dress with an open chest with a white button, with pastel yellow trim around the sleeves and rim of the shirt, as well as buttons of the same color going from the top of the dress to the skirt, as well as giving her gogo boots with white soles and heels. She also wears a white ribbon in her hair, but doesn’t wear the hair pin and doesn’t have the two cowlicks. When Persona Powers Hetalia version AWESOME came out, her faceset consisted of her hair with spiked bangs with her front locks going to her chin, as well as her hair cropped and layered tightly in the back of her head. Now similar to Vocaloid-3’s Aoki Lapis,

Philia's faceset,whose hairstyle slightly resembles Vocaloid-3's Aoki Lapis.

Philia was once-again redesigned into mixing Lapis’s outfit with her original outfit, this time with detached sleeves, her buttoned top a lighter shade of pink, a dark fuchsia overskirt, and redesigned gogo boots, as well as adding in the missing hair pin, except that it’s attached to a gold headband with the white ribbon tied on it. Though, her pastel pink-and-yellow color scheme still remains.

A friend of the game's creator also designed Philia in different outfits according to each world Philia’s been in, which fit accordingly with said worlds. For Japan’s world, for example, while still retaining the semi-monochromatic color scheme, she designed a short-skirted kimono with floral patterns all over, as well as giving Philia two pink cherry blossom hair pins on each side of her head with little cat bells dangling off of strings, to give her a neo-retro Japanese feel. In another example, for Prussia’s world, while again still retaining the pink color scheme, Ari gave Philia a red mage-like outfit which matches her sprite design, with only a bit of flair added to it such as giving her black fishnet stockings and adding plum Iron Cross markings. Ari did this referencing from other sprites, though with two of them, she gave a red and gold color scheme instead of the usual pink.

Out of the Persona Team, Philia wears more outfits, once in each Shadow world, than the rest of her teammates. Most of Philia’s outfits, including her normal outfit, have the pink and red color schemes. This references her job class as a Red Mage.


  • England wanting to take Philia as a colony references, historically, that England wanted to take Philippines as a colony, but Spain only succeeded in taking Philippines as a colony first. However, England only got most of the Inner Philippine Islands while Spain obtained all the Outer Islands.
    • Also referencing historically, Philia recognized England as the one who took over her and Luzon’s capital, Manila, in October 1762. she also noted that her people were told not to consider it a part of history as his conquest of it was nothing but bloodshed.
  • Spain cutting open Philia's arm during his colonial days references his two-faced personality, as revealed in his Hetalia profile.
    • A common headcanon by fans is that Spain pretends to be oblivious to some things in order to forget what he has done in the past, in his days as a conquistador and a pirate.


  • Ironically, while Philia uses her spear as a primary weapon, she is not a Paladin nor a Dragoon.
    • Philia’s spear has one blade with four spikes, two on each side, coming from the bottom. In the original design, her spear had more spikes than blades.
  • Philia’s spear has the Filipino flag as an emblem, although it’s more simplified, so it has no sun nor stars at the white portion of the flag.
  • In the Room of Mourning on one of the islands in Spain's world, Philia checks out a grave, which she thinks is the grave of her younger sister, who was only eight in human years when she died. However, it’s not clear which Philippine island said sister represents, nor what her human name is.
  • While Philia is the Wild Card Persona, she doesn't gain new skills from other Persona wielders when levelling up.
  • Philia and Luzon was not created at the same time. Philia was born on the Philippine islands while Luzon's birth happened at the start of the Spanish occupation.
  • When asked about the Philippine Twins, Mitsuki answered that she would have given them the last name "Aquino" instead of "Pacquiao," and have them look like actual Filipinos instead of anime characters. She also answered that, according to her headcanon, that the nations as a whole retain their original genders, while their genderbent selves represent their capitals. Should Mitsuka have made these in this day and age, Philia would have represented the whole of the Philippine islands while Luzon would have represented Philippines' capital city, Manila.
    • ​Philia representing the Philippine islands might reference the fact that most of the Philippines OCs are female, while male Philippine OCs are rare and hard to find.


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