Game Information
Persona Powers Hetalia
World Academy
Creator [Mitsuki Horenake
Medium RPG Maker VX Ace
Genre Adventure, Comedy-drama, Fantasy, Mystery
Language English
Game Version 3.0
Game Status Ongoing

Persona Powers Hetalia (or PPH, as abbreviated) is an adventure-fantasy role-playing game created by HotaruMitsuki101 (or Mitsuki Horenake, her pseudonym). Like many HetaGames, Persona Powers Hetalia follows off the storyline on a published game; in this case, Persona Powers Hetalia follows the storyline of Persona 4 of the Shin Megami Tensei series by Atlus. Unlike most HetaGames, however, Persona Powers Hetalia features two fan-made Hetalia characters, most notably the Philippine Twins--Philia and Luzon--with Philia as the main character of this game.

Persona Powers Hetalia is based off of the fanfiction also made by Mitsuki: Persona Powers Hetalia

The latest version, 3.0 was released on September 29, 2014.


Persona Powers Hetalia Walkthrough Part 1 1 2

Persona Powers Hetalia Walkthrough Part 1 1 2

The first video of the Persona Powers Hetalia walkthrough, recorded and uploaded by pokemonsonicgirl123 on her YouTube channel.

Persona Powers Hetalia is RPG-based. However, much like the Persona series, a Persona is a manifestation of one's true self. While the nations can use their skills through their Personas, they can use skills based on whatever country they represent. In one example, Hong Kong can use his firecrackers to repeatedly damage enemies--called Shadows in-game, staying true to the Persona concept--and in another, Canada can summon his pet polar bear cub, Kumajiro, to slash Shadows, dealing icy damage.

Also staying true to the Persona concept is the other countries' respective Personas. So far, Philia has the Wild Card Persona--meaning she can obtain other Personas' skills--Hong Kong has the Fire Persona, Canada has the Water/Ice Persona, Japan has the Attack Persona, and so on.

The most recent is Italy Romano, who has the Wind Persona, and Spain, who has the Wood Persona. North Italy, however, despite recently becoming aquainted to the Persona Team, has no Persona, though it has been theorized that he will obtain one.

Finally, just like in the Persona series, the player can obtain tarot cards to increase her Social Links with other people, and will max out to 10. However, this has yet to be confirmed.

Setting, Characters, and StoryEdit


The setting of Persona Powers Hetalia is primarily World Academy, a school built by America for nations and cities of many different status ranks, that in the future will be used as normal university. Some of World Academy's facilities include two gardens, a lounge area to the left of the school, and a virtual reality chamber. The second garden has a club building, which is separate from the school itself.

Much like Persona 4, the characters can jump between realms. Deviating from the concept of the TV world though, the player and the other characters can jump dimensions via portals in which only Canada and England can open and stabalize for use. The concept of the Shadow worlds remains the same, however.

In Prussia's world, the setting centers onto the TV world concept which expands into three dimensions due to him, Romano, and Spain unwittingly sucked into the Shadow world. Philia can enter other countries' pasts and learn about why they became Shadows in the first place. However, other people can enter the memory worlds as well, if that person have some connection to the person's memories.


Persona Powers Hetalia features two original characters--the Philippine Twins Philia and Luzon. Other official characters include Hong Kong, Canada, Japan, England, America, North Italy, South Italy, and Spain. Minor characters include Hungary, Austria, France, and Prussia.

Major CharactersEdit

To read about the characters, click on their links and you will be directed to an article about them.

  • Philia - the Outer Islands of the Republic of the Philippines. She is the Wild Card Persona and the only female member of the Persona Team. Philia is spunky, cheerful, hyper, and has a weakness for cute boys. However, she can get feisty and serious at times, or if it calls for it. Her human name is Charice Pacquiao.
  • Hong Kong - Special Administrative Reigion of People's Republic of China. He is the Fire Persona, as well as the lone city-state of the team. At first glance, Hong Kong is quiet, not too sociable, and serious to a fault, but can be a bit of a tease and easy-going whenever he's around his friends. His human name is Li Xiao Chun.
    In the fanfiction, he is China's shadow that formed a nation (Hong Kong) as the result of China's broken relationship with Japan. In short, he is China's shadow created by Japan (since China's breakdown because of Japan).
  • Canada - the Water/Ice Persona. Canada is generally shy and timid around people, but he is polite and mild-mannered, as well as cautious. He usually hangs around with his pet polar bear cub, Kumajiro. Also America's younger brother. His human name is Matthew Williams.
  • Japan - the Attack Persona. Japan is mysterious at first glance, but otherwise is generally well-mannered and good at reading the atmosphere. His human name is Kiku Honda.
  • England - the Magician Persona. His headstrong nature often leads him to be a cynical and foul-mouthed man, having a tsundere archetype, though he still claims to be a gentleman. He forms a relationship with America. His human name is Arthur Kirkland.
  • America - the Earth Persona. His happy-go-lucky, goofy, and sunny personality makes him well-liked by most nations, Japan and the Philippine Twins included. While he can be a ditz at times, he makes up for it with his good intentions of helping others, with the goal of being everybody's hero. He forms a romantic relationship with England and is Canada's older brother. His human name is Alfred F. Jones.
  • Romano - the Wind Persona. The potty-mouthed older brother of North Italy. While he's friendly around girls, he is very rude towards men, Spain in particular. Even so, though, he does have feelings for Spain and does genuinely care for his younger brother. His human name is Lovino Vargas.
  • Spain - the Wood Persona. His cheerful personality contrasts with Romano's loud and rude one, even nicknaming him "Roma-chan," though he likes Italy just as much. His human name is Antonio Fernandez Carriedo.
  • Italy - the happy-go-lucky, ditzy, but good-natured younger brother of Romano. A flirtatious man, he usually hits on pretty girls. Though he has no Persona, he is well aquainted with the Persona Team. His human name is Feliciano Vargas.

Minor charactersEdit

  • Hungary - a girl nation Philia met midway in the game's recent version. She is conducting investigations of the murders on her own, but then enlists Philia's help. Her human name is Elizabeta Herdevary.
  • Cuba - a good friend of Canada's and aquaintance of Hong Kong some time prior to the game's events. His human name is Carlos.
    Shortly after meeting Philia, he was found murdered on the school campus and was Hong Kong's partner in hunting shadows.
  • Luzon - Philia's younger brother. Though he is one year younger than Philia, he is protective of her, even badmouthing Spain whenever he sees the two together. His own personal belief is that no nation will ever get too close to one another, as the whole world would exploit that certain closeness. His human name is Rizal Pacquiao.
    In the fanfiction, he is the culprit/murderer because he is actually Philia's shadow that formed as a half of Philippines. He is created by Spain, in form of Philia's hatred towards Spain.


Warning: the following sections and subsections contain spoilers. Please highlight the white boxes to read them.

====Version 1.0====

Philia, and her brother, Luzon, arrive at World Academy, invited by America. They just got to the entrance of the building. When the bell rings, Luzon and Philia go to the South East Asian class, whereas they befriend a few of the other South Asian nations. After their first lecture, Philia goes to the dormitories, where she sees Cuba and Canada arguing, Cuba mistaking Canada for America once again. Philia breaks up the argument and befriends Cuba and Canada, claiming that she knows America. 

They introduce to each other and after they part ways, Philia goes to bed in her respective dormitory. Meanwhile, Cuba fights an unknown adversary.

The next morning, Philia goes to class, only to find a crime scene on the campus and a large crowd. She meets Canada along the way but before she can talk to him, he runs off into the Asian Wing. Philia chases after him, only to find Hong Kong investigating a mysterious portal on the floor of the Central Asia Class. Hong Kong tells Philia to stay out of whatever he's doing, but the two were sucked into a snowy dimension before Philia can say anything. Philia, surprised, angrily asks Hong Kong where they are, with the city-state replying that they are in another dimension. Philia looks confused at first, but before the covnersation could continue, two Shadows appear. Hong Kong tries to fend them off. Meanwhile, Philia obtains her Persona just suddenly and joins Hong Kong in the battle.

After the Shadows are defeated, both Hong Kong and Philia introduce themselves and decide to stick together to get out of the snowy dimension, which is Canada's world, as said by Hong Kong. Confused, Philia asks the difference between the Shadows and the Personas, and Hong Kong explains. But the explanation cuts short when the icy dungeon begins to become unstable. Eventually, the two reach Canada and try to reach out to him, but Canada defiantly disappears. Now determined, Philia treks forward into Canada's dungeon with Hong Kong following.

Eventually, both nations reach Canada's Shadow and defeat him, earning his Persona in the process and turning into a child. After Philia fawns over Canada's new form, she and Hong Kong are sent back to the school, though Canada is not with them. Hong Kong leads Philia to the library and finds Canada on the second floor. Canada asks what the dimension he, Hong Kong, and Philia were been in was about, and Hong Kong explains that dimensions are born daily through time and space. In this case, the time between the Shadow world and the real world is extremely disproportionate, meaning that the three can balance life and Shadow-slaying with ease.

Philia rushes to her next class in the European wing, running into America on the way. The two exchange greetings and they have a race on who's going to get to their respective class first. Along the way, the come across two girl nations gossiping about how America is the murderer following Cuba's death. Philia becomes irritated, but America suspiciously makes no protest and cheerfully goes to his European class, with Philia following behind.

When they arrive, Philia notices the other nations and cities crowded to the front of the classroom, believing that America had murdered Cuba. Philia sits next to America, reassuring him that the rumors about that are not true. When class is over, America runs off, which relieves the students. Philia questions if they believe the rumors, but a couple nations protest that they are true. Irritated, Philia shouts that the students are bastards and goes to the park to vent her irritation. Awhile, she meets up with Spain, who is growing a garden. The two converse about the rumors surrounding America and Spain concludes that someone murdered Cuba under America's name to frame him.

The next day, Philia goes to her second-floor class, just to discover that her Persona works there. She then makes a mental note to practice on how to use her Persona. When her class is over, she goes to the cafeteria downstairs to eat, meeting with Canada awhile. The two converse about Cuba's death and everybody making America the prime suspect. Hong Kong joins in on the conversation and Philia theorizes that it was the Shadows committing the murders.

Later on, on her way to the gym to practice using her Persona, Philia notices America walking towards the East Wing. She follows him to the indoor lake and the two talk about the rumors surrounding him. America grabs her shoulders and pleads with her that he did not kill Cuba. Philia reassures her friend that she and Canada believes him. America gives her an old toy soldier as a memento in case something bad happens to him before running off. Philia chases him, but America has already disappeared, finding a mysterious bottle in one of the pools in front of the science labs. She obtains it and shows it to one of the science teachers and the teacher confirms that the bottle contains ground hemlock. Philia concludes that the hemlock has something to do with magic and goes to look for England, only to find his secret garden.

There, Philia comes across a mysterious being, called the "spirit of the past," and the spirit senses something in Philia's hand. She gives the spirit the toy soldier she was given by America and was viewed a memory sequence in which America declares independence from England, with him crying, "I won't allow it!"

Hereafter, Philia feels a little dazed and goes to return to her dorm rooms, only to find England. The two introduce themselves, and upon learning that Philia is in the South Asian Class, England drags her to the Student Council Room, where he claims Philia to be his colony against her will. Frustrated, Philia beats up England and gives off a short speech on how horrible his conquest on her country is. In the ensuing chaos, Luzon arrives, revealing that he had hidden Philia from the world until the time is right, smiling at his succession, leaving England dismayed to learn that the Philippines is actually two people.

During the feud, though, Norway's cell phone rings. Norway picks it up and finds out that there has been another murder, this time the victim is Japan.

Philia goes to the second floor to find the whereabouts of the murder, meeting Hong Kong and Canada along the way. Philia says that the murder took place in the samurai room and Hong Kong leads them there.

After passing the huge crowd, they enter the samurai room to find Japan's blood strewn everywhere. Philia feels sick, but recovers. Canada discovers a portal in the middle of the room and opens it. He, Phila, and Hong Kong jump through into Japan's forest dungeon. Once there, the trio encounters Japan's Shadow and the Shadow warns them to not meet with the "master."

After going through a complex maze, the trio encounter a bridge, where they discover that there are dead bodies in the water. They encounter Japan's Shadow again and Philia concludes that the Shadow killed the people that wanted to visit the master and threw their bodies into the river. Confirming this, the Shadow drains half the trio's health and the two head out anyway to save Japan.

While exploring the broken down house, the trio comes across a diary explaining the dungeon's history, which puzzles them. Though finding some clues, they eventually reach Japan's Shadow and proceed to fight him.

After the battle, Japan obtains his Persona and becomes purified the same way Canada was. Hong Kong grimly tells Japan that his land and title must be brought back and take the old Japan's place as the new one in the real world. At first, Canada and Philia are shocked that Hong Kong would even do such a thing, but decide to let him do it anyway.

The trio transports back to their world, along with the new incarnation of Japan, where Philia again gushes on how cute Japan is in his child form.

After the events in Japan's world, the trio part ways while Philia goes back to her dorm room to think about the murders. She suspects that it might be a Shadow spy committing the murders.

The next morning, Philia heads to class, only to find France at the entrance. Against her will, France drags her into the auditorium where he, along with Japan directs a fall musical. While the two give out the scripts, Philia runs into America, who was out for the first time in a while. The two talk about the rumors, but during the conversation, America was shown an illusion where he was surrounded by robed men, all telling him that he was the murderer. Hereafter, one of the nations confronts America saying that America really is the murderer because the murders are coming back to haunt him. However, America was suddenly set on fire and was rushed to the infirmary.

England volunteers to stay with America until he wakes up. Meanwhile, Philia reminisces her previous conversation with America about the rumors. Hong Kong snaps her out of her thoughts and talks with Japan and Canada about the recent attack on America and conclude that it was an actual Shadow that did this. With that being said, the team goes to the auditorium to see if the auditions are going despite what happened. They meet up with France and they tell the group that they're holding auditions in the park.

After the auditions, Philia swears to find the truth behind the murders and prove America's innocence. Meanwhile, in the infirmary, America despairs that he isn't the murderer, but no one believes him.

The next morning, Philia leaves for class, but a loud explosion occurs. She asks one of the dorm directors and he tells her that someone blew up the infirmary. Shocked, Philia rushes to the infirmary to find it in rubble, though she was partly glad that there was no blood nor dead bodies. While she's investigating, England comes rushing in, looking around, concluding that America never returned to his dorm room, making Philia realize that America was in the infirmary the entire night.

Angered, England forcefully opens up a portal, despite his fairy familiar's warnings and jumps in. Depending on what the player chooses, Philia can either jump in, wait, or figure out what just happened.

Hong Kong, Japan, and Canada rush into the scene, telling Philia off for not waiting (if the player chooses the first option). The four then decide to jump in, but the fairy interrupts them, questioning about what they'll do. Philia replies that they know what she and the team are doing and jump right through the portal to a ship.

Philia talks with the group, with Hong Kong and Japan theorizing that there is someone else other than England and there is more than one dungeon. She then talks with the fairy and that due to England's natural immortality, he has access to every dark magic spell to open up the portal he had just opened.

Surprised by this, Philia investigates the ship a bit more and comes across a crystal figurehead in the ship. When she touches it, England's Shadow suddenly appears, throwing the team off-guard and attacks them.

After the Shadow is defeated, Philia drops the toy soldier. England looks at it with familiarity and he and Philia are transported into a memory sequence, in which England gives a colonial America a box of toy soldiers, which she realizes that one of them was the same soldier America gave her. She also discovers that England never recovered from the American Revolution. England replies saying that the Revolution wouldn't have happened if it weren't for France.

Hereafter, Philia and England reappear back onto the ship, with England back to normal, with him revealing that his fairy familiar was actually his Persona.

The team, now recruiting England, pulls up to a beach, where America's dungeon begins. They explore the nearest city, but find nothing until they come across a suspicious individual named "Jackson F. Jones." The group tries to talk to him but he disappears, prompting them to go back into the city, where they find a nun, who gives them the first half of a medallion and tells them to save them from the "tyrant." Though they are confused, the team heads out again.

They find a city in a snowy landscape where they find the other half of the medallion, but find that they are not merging together. The group then heads off to a third city, where they encounter a knight in brass armor and they ask him on how to fuse the medallion halves together, and he replies that they must go into the mountains to fuse them.

Heeding that advice, the party goes to the mountain range and fuse the medallion halves with success, while obtaining the Mirror of Truth. After searching around, the medallion reacts to a pyramid front of a dark-looking castle. Philia takes the liberty of putting the medallion in the pyramid and a door opens. The party goes through the door to the throne room where they find Jackson sitting. The group confronts Jackson on where America is, but Jackson refuses to reveal the details. Both Hong Kong and Philia conclude that Jackson is actually his own person and not a Shadow. England finally recognizes who Jackson is, and Jackson reveals his true form. The party then fights Jackson.

After Jackson is defeated, Philia confronts him, demanding where America is, but he chuckles, saying that England never cared for him or America, claiming that he is the one and true america. However, several Shadows appear, claiming that they are the true America. Amidst the chaos, the knight appears again, saying that America was only created on the ideal that the world can come together as one, meaning that Jackson is striving for an ideal that does not exist. The dungeon becomes unstable, and Philia uses the Mirror of Truth just in time, landing her and England into another memory sequence.

In this sequence, Jackson comes into England's office during his Civil War with America, but England refuses to help him. Angered by his answer, Jackson storms out of the office, saying that England is better off turning his back on America like America did during the Revolution. When Philia asks the present England about this, he replies that neither America nor Jackson had the money for themselves for the succession, meaning that the two would have fallen and died.

In another memory sequence, England frees America from his chains, and at the same time, England lets go of his past memory of the Revolution.

Hereafter, America becomes purified as a child, and the group transports back into the infirmary, which has been repaired. America wakes up, having fully recovered from his burn wounds. The party rejoice America's recovery, and he and England hug each other, with Philia and Japan watching.

After that episode, Japan, Canada, Philia, and Hong Kong part ways with Philia once again returning to her dorm room. Meanwhile, most of the rumors about America being the murderer died down due to the explosion in the infirmary.

The next morning, Philia goes to class, encountering America, who now has a Southern accent. Though Philia is confused by this, she is glad that America has fully recovered following the attack. America then announces that there will be a dress rehearsal today at the auditorium.

While waiting for her part, Philia encounters England, who's playing a crossdresser woman, much to his dismay. Much more to his embarrassment and rage, America is cast as the crossdresser woman's love interest. Annoyed, England attempts to leave to skip out of rehearsals, but France announces that America and England be on stage immediately.

After rehearshal, England storms out of the auditorium, still in costume, stewing over France casting him as a female crossdresser. America checks up on him, startling him, and the two talk about his Shadow world, and how he regrets hurting England while not regretting getting independence. England then changes the subject to France's play and despairs on the fact that he and America are to kiss in the third act. America inquires if he is not kissing material, and England asks that America really wanted to go through all this. America deduces that England doesn't want to do it, with England adding that he doesn't want to in the public eye. Upon hearing this, America kisses England, with him commenting that he's a "bloody git," with America remarking that he is still his.

Meanwhile, after rehearsals, Philia decides to wait outside. Depending on what the player chooses, she can hang out with Hong Kong, America, Japan, or Englnad (or Canada if the player cancels out).

Version 2.0Edit

Later on, Philia makes herself a packed lunch. Again, depending on what the player chooses, she can go to the park, go into the library, sneak into the music wing, or hang out with Germany if the player cancels out all of them. If the player chooses to go to the park, she meets up with Spain, who's going to the cafeteria to purchase something for Romano to eat, while informing her that there's an outside dining place beside the park.

Spain introduces both Romano and Philia to each other, but the introduction is cut short when he hits on a female city in which her supposed boyfriend beats him up for mistaking him to be Hungary. Meanwhile, Philia and Romano flee the scene and chat about Spain for a bit. Hereafter, they return to the park.

Two days later, Philia's worries about the murders come back to her. She deduces that there were two people responsible for the murders, with one of them killing off the students in the most outrageous ways possible. While she's talking to herself, Spain walks up to her and talks about the rumors; he says that people are starting to think that Philia's related to the murders due to her having met Cuba before his death. Fortunately for her, only a small group of people believe it so she can explain why the rumors around America being the killer died down later.

Later on, Philia waits outside the auditorium despite not being wanted for rehearsals. Luzon walks out, telling Philia to leave, with her joking about how dysfunctional the cast and crew are. Luzon, though, changes the subject about Spain talking to her earlier, questioning if he has done anything bad to her. Philia says no, with Luzon honestly replying that he and his sister would not have come if it weren't for the murders. The two part ways.

The next day, Philia goes to the auditorium for rehearsals, just to encounter Prussia in a playboy outfit. To avoid embarrassment, Prussia gets Philia to retrieve the accessory box from the school clothes shop. Philia says yes and goes there, but after she retireves the box from Toronto, she encounters a ghost. The ghost panics about one of his grandsons being in terrible danger, but as Philia tries to talk to him he disappears. Nevertheless, Philia goes back to the auditorium and give the accessory box to Prussia, where she is about to leave, but Hong Kong comes out.

The next day, Philia heads to class, running into Italy along the way, whom she mistakes for Romano. The two chat, but Philia's cute obssession syndrome takes over her and wounds up chasing Italy to the three-way of the campus. But while Philia's fawning over Italy's cute appearance, Shadows appear and chase her and Italy all the way to the park. The player can choose to lie or tell the truth. If the player lies, Philia will answer saying that she doesn't know what the Shadows are. Regardless, though, Philia comes up with a plan to evade the Shadows and run to the school, but it becomes awry when the Shadows catch up to the two of them.

They were briefly overwhelmed by them until America arrives to the scene to kill off the Shadows. After the batlle, America says that he, Japan, Canada, England and Hong Kong split up to search for five people missing, with him being assigned to the park and Philia and Italy being among the five. The team is looking for the other three--Spain, Romano, and Prussia.

The trio searches for Romano and Spain, only to find them in a forest with Prussia missing. Romano yells at Spain that Prussia is dead, which shocks America and Philia. But before they can leave, however, a Shadow emerges and kidnaps Romano. Upon seeing this Spain jumps through the portal to rescue Romano despite America and Philia's protests. Japan, Hong Kong, Canada, and England arrive at the scene, asking America and Philia on what happened. Philia tells them that Prussia's dead and Romano is kidnapped by Shadows with Spain foolishly trying to save him. Italy demands answers, with Philia finally telling him the truth about the Persona world and Shadows. 

Awhile, Canada reopens the protal, but the whole Persona Team, including Italy, is sucked in there. There, Italy and Philia land in a game show hosted by Prussia, whereas Prussia tells them that there are eight beacons for them to light up before disapearing. Philia deduces that the eight beacons are related to the other Persona wielders and jump through the first portal.

Version 2.1Edit

While lighting the beacons, the two encounter Romano's Shadow, telling them cryptid sayings about how better off they will be forgotten, confusing them. After lighting the beacons and recruiting America and Japan, they head off to the transitions and talk about Prussia's world and how it greatly differs from the oher dungeons they've gone through. Hereafter, they get into the game once again, where they find Prussia's diary entries and obtaining the Sword of the General.

Hereafter, the team encounters Hong Kong and recruits him. They also encounter one of England's fairy familiars, who was sent by him to look for them. After she heals them, the fairy disappears and the team encounters Romano's Shadow, who reveals his true form, with Prussia providing commentary, much to the teams annoyance.

After Romano's Shadow is defeated, Italy is shown a memory sequence regarding his reunion with his brother, saddened on how alone Romano is. Italy wishes to talk to Romano, and despite the others' protests, Philia lets him. Italy pleads with Romano to stay with him as he doesn't want to be alone either. Hearing those words, Romano reverts back to his original self, earning him his Persona in the process.

Version 2.2Edit

The team, now having recruited Romano, lands back onto the stage, where Prussia appears again and opens another portal to Spain's world. The team encounters Spain's Shadow, who vows to take Philia back as his colony, with Philia scratching her arm in response.

After recruiting England and Canada while finding the Coral Keys, the team encounters yet another memory sequence during Spain's colonial days in the Philippine Islands, with Spain cutting open a colonial Philia's left arm, leaving a scar. Philia, though, tells the team that it's no big deal and she can operate her arm fine, despite its fluctuating from itching to paralysis. The team heads off again to find the rest of the Coral Keys.

In a tower of one of the Islands, the team encoutners a room in which they discover a portrait of a young man that looks like Spain. Confused but determined to find answers, the team finds the last of the Coral Keys and heads to the next stage.

In the second stage, the team discovers a gravestone in which it claims to be the grave of Antonio Fernandez Carriedo, which shocks the team, but Philia suspects that Spain and Antonio are linked somehow. 

After reaching the final floor, the Persona Team finds Spain's Shadow, but he sounds confused on who he is. Romano angrily charges at Spain, but passes through him, making the team deduce that this type of Shadow is the first half. The other half suddenly appears, telling him off for not wanting to remember the past and they merge into Spain's Shadow's true form.

After Spain's Shadow is defeated, Romano and Philia go into another memory sequence in which a human asks Spain if he really is the actual country Spain. Romano retorts that Spain is usually gushing about how cute Italy is when they were children, but suspects that Spain is talking about him. Romano confronts him about his conversation with the man, but Spain calms him down about it, saying that he was happy that he raised Romano into a fine man.

If player doesn't check the portrait (if s/he has the previous version), he would only get the normal ending. However, if the portrait is checked, another memory sequence will follow, with Spain talking to a girl named Carmela. Spain is drafted into a war to fight off the Romans and Carmela tearfully wants to spend the night with Spain, which he says yes, making Romano jealous. The sequence ends with a dying Spain walking onto the docks, saying repeatedly that he is home before he takes his final breath.

Version 2.3Edit

Hereafter, the whole team, now having recruited Spain and his Persona, wind up once again on the stage. Prussia appears once more and gives the Iron Cross to the team as a prize for completing the game. He disappears, but not before Canada opens a new portal, leading the team to find out where Prussia went next.

They go into the portal and go into a Heaven-like realm with two pathways of red and blue flags. If the player goes through the red-flag path, the team will enter a castle where they see a memory sequence of Frederick the Great and Prussia as a Teutonic Knight. If the player goes through the blue-flag path, they go through a religious-themed castle. Regardless, the team finds Prussia praying, but saying that he needs the strength to destroy America and England and promptly attacks the team.

After Prussia's Shadow is defeated, he utters he will never forgive before disappearing. Confused, the team decides to follow him. Eventually they go into a painting hall which explains Prussia's birth and his orientation from childhood to adulthood and at last going to the set of fractured paintings, which are named "The Boundaries." England reads off the landmarks of the paintings, and the team (minus Philia and Hong Kong) becomes shocked at what the paintings represent. The group then jumps into the crystal portal before Philia could act. She and Hong Kong examine the paintings once more and decide to find the others.

They find Italy on one of the stairs and find Canada and Japan, but England, Romano, Spain, and America are nowhere to be found. Hong Kong brings up on why the others are behaving differently, and Canada and Japan decide to tell them the truth.

Japan reveals that the Kindgom of Prussia was dissolved twice, his second dissolution occuring two years after World War II had ended. Hong Kong deduces that the reason why Prussia lashed out at America and England is that he wanted revenge on them for destroying his kingdom, but Canada says that all of this has to do with Germany and Prussia due to their brotherly relationship. With that being said, the team goes back upstairs where they encounter Gilbird, Prussia's pet chick.

Gilbird informs them of Prussia, America, and England's whereabouts, but the party suddenly gets transported to a watery realm, where they encounter Romano and Spain, who was looking for them. Spain summons his Persona and pounding the ground with his axe, thus landing them once again in another realm, which have gravestones, much to Philia's anger. But Hong Kong deduces that Prussia, America, and England are nearby.

The party heads up north, while Prussia yells at America and England for allegedly killing off Germany and giving England a near-fatal blow. They then rush to the scene and tend to England, with Prussia unveiling his true form.

After a hefty battle, Romano and Canada plead with Prussia that the whole issue is over with Canada telling him to come with the team. However, Prussia refuses, saying that the last time he heard those words, both his and Germany's lives were destroyed forever.

Those words said, Philia, Hong Kong and America go into yet another memory sequence representing the final moments of World War II wiith the Allies and Germany and Prussia. America goes off to fight off Japan, leaving France, Russia and England to have Germany's land redistributed and Prussia dissolved, with England shooting Germany in the head, which brings shock to Hong Kong, Philia and America.

Upon witnessing this, America talks with Prussia about the final days of World War II, with Prussia reluctantly listening. America reveals that he encountered an amnesiac Germany and decides to let him stay in his hotel room to help him regain his memories. America then expresses his sorrow for Prussia and about how he wanted to see his brother again. Prussia replies, however, saying that he is no longer a nation and being tied to the past is the only thing that keeps him alive. If he does forgive America and the others for what they have done to him and Germany, he'll die out. America assures him that there are people that care for him in modern times instead of tied pasts, including America himself. Relieved, Prussia passes on, telling America to tell Germany that his older brother is watching that he will miss him.

Hereafter, the team winds up back to the real world, with Spain and Italy hugging Romano in celebration. Hong Kong and Canada questions on where Prussia is, but America hugs Canada, saying that Prussia's not coming back.

Later in her dorm, Philia couldn't keep her mind off of Prussia and wonders how the other students will react if they hear that Prussia actually died, hoping that they don't start blaming America again. However, her thoughts are interrupted when Hong Kong visits her and asks if she and America are alright. Philia replies she is and the two decide to look for America.

Along the way, the encounter Spain, who wants to borrow Philia for a few moments, with Hong Kong approving, though suspicious.

Meanwhile, Spain leads Philia into a new indoor garden and talks with her about his past memory. He revealed that during his expidition to Mexico, one of the crew members asked him who he was. He also revealed that Spain wasn't born a nation, but a human who became immortal just seconds before his death on the Spanish docks. However, their conversation is interrupted with Luzon storms in, demanding on what Spain has done to Philia. Spain and Philia tell him that they're just having a normal conversation and Spain leaves, leaving the two siblings alone.

Philia tries to covince Luzon that she and Spain were just talking casually and he would not take them back as colonies again. Luzon protests that no nation gets too close to one another, and being bullied for the first time makes the nation he and Philia represent suffer due to that. Philia replies that true friendship is too rare to even seek, with Luzon adding in that there is no such thing as a truly selfess motive in the politcal world, with Philia remarking, "Yeah... now I remember why he believed that."

Later in the night, Italy sneaks into Germany's room and sleeps with him sensing that Germany's still saddened by the death of his brother.

Since then, a week passed, with word going out to the students about the Persona wielders meanwhile, with the news of the attacks became mere rumors, though everyone thinks that there was a terrorist attack on the school.

In the following morning, Philia wakes up and goes to class, running into Italy, who shows her a new lounge area. Philia follows Italy into an art gallery and admire Italy's paintings. Philia expresses concern over Germany's well-being, with Italy feeling the same. 

Meanwhile, America inspects one of the rooms of the lounge area, not knowing that Germany was here. The two exchange greetings and America offers Germany some food he bought from the cafeteria. America reminisces the past with Germany, with Germany replying that he is grateful for America for saving him which shocks him. Realizing this, Germany says that he shouldn't talk about it, knowing that America and England are dating, but America urges him to. Reluctantly, Germany explains that his previous boss was the one who caused the atrocities of World War II, and confesses that he felt guilty for following along with him. After he is shot in the head by England, he got amnesia, and wonders around as an amnesiac human. While he was dying, America unknowingly reconnects him to the land he represents, thus saving him.

But during their covnersation, Germany discovers another hole in his memory, confusing him and America. Germany starts to space out and America asks if he is all right.

Version 3.0Edit

A couple days later, Philia exits out her dorm room and encounters Luzon, who informs her that class is cancelled and that he, Japan, Italy and Germany are meeting with the Newspaper Club today at the lounge room. Philia asks to join in since she and Japan are getting along and Luzon says yes, but only for today.

The Newspaper Club introduce themselves and start to interview the clubs that are going to be held at the club building. Philia volunteers to take some notes for the upcoming school newspaper.

The whole club then interviews the clubs and their founders--including the Cooking Club, founded by France with England as their mascot much to the latter's dismay; the Sewing Club, founded by Meridian, the city Philia encountered earlier; the Botanist Club whose founder's name is not known; and the Samurai Club which is coincidentally founded by Japan. Hereafter, the Newspaper Club head upstairs to find a radio station at the center of the hall, which they saved or last at Germany's insistence. They find out from Germany that Prussia was originally going to be the DJ of the radio station along with France and Spain as his co-hosts, but Prussia's apparent death left the radio station's fate to be wondered.

Hereafter, Philia goes back to her dorm room, but encounters the ghost she saw earlier and decides to follow it where Prussia had been killed. She observes that there's no malice in the ghost and concludes that the ghost itself is not an enemy and yet she feels a familiar presence and asks what it is.


  • While the plot of Persona Powers Hetalia starts to deviate from the Persona 4 plot, the part in which Prussia is the announcer of The Three-path Hunt mimics that of Teddy from the TV world, as well as the setting of the game (Three-path Hunt) itself in the TV world.
  • The Going Home, Soviet, and Siesta Clubs allude to that of the second and third episodes of Hetalia: The Beautiful World, albeit the Philippine twins only present in the Newspaper Club in the game itself.

Trivia Edit

  • Japan's Shadow saying "Believe it!" to Canada, Hong Kong, and Philia when he threatens to kill them is a reference to the popular anime Naruto.
  • If the player places the Dazzler and Ice Crystal in the goddess statues' hands and enters a room full of angel statues, England warns the team not to blink, indicating that the statues are actually the Weeping Angels, referencing Doctor Who.
    • In fact, one person compared the stones to the Eeveelutions, respectively. RockDust would be Eevee, Ice Crystal would be Glaceon, LightDark would be Espeon or Umbreon, EarthSong would be Leafeon, Dazzler would be Flareon, Gold would be Jolteon and Everlight would be Sylveon.
  • As of version 2.3, the Persona Team has eight members, Italy not counting due to not having a Persona of his own, which mirrors that to the original Persona 4 Persona wielders, which also has eight members. The number of Persona wielders is slightly likely to increase in Persona Powers Hetalia, however; though this has yet to be confirmed by Mitsuki.
  • Spain, despite having a Wood Persona, has no skills for said Persona when using him in your party. Ironically, though, he can summon his Persona while pounding the ground with his axe while jumping dimensions. Whether or not he will gain skills true to his Persona is up to Mitsuki.
    • Philia, though having the Wild Card Persona, doesn't actually gain other Persona skills from her team members.
  • Despite gathering all the eight Coral keys, only five of them was used to open the portals to the next floor of the tower at the end of the second stage in Spain's world.
  • There's a fanfiction by the same author but Luzon as the protagonist: Persona Powers Hetalia FE3 . It's about the same thing but Luzon acted as Hong Kong and
    Russia acted as Cuba.
    Though it's started not from the start like original PPH.
  • This game has some difference with the original fanfiction: 
    Like in America's and England's case. In the game, America is the one who vanished, and England meets his shadow there. In the fanfiction, England is the one who vanished and America meets his shadow there, but since he come in willingly he did not meet the same fate as Antonio's or Lovino's. Also, in Prussia's case where he is fated to die in game, in fanfiction he still alive and gains his persona.