Game Information
Hetalia - Reflections
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Creator Revils123
Medium RPG Maker
Genre Dark
Language English
Game Version Version 0.1
Game Status Cancelled
Website Revils123

Hetalia - Reflections is an English-Language game created by Revils123.

Game Plot/Game SummaryEdit

"A theory states that everything that exists has an exact parallel copy within another dimension. A mirror if you would. One is lead to believe that our dimension co-exists with that of what would be called the Mirror Dimension.

Everyone and everything has been mirrored into this dimension. Exact copies exist there. Exactly like me, and exactly like you... However, there goes a saying that you should never trust a mirror for it lies. Your reflection mirrors your actions, but not exactly in the same way. Therefore, what is displayed back in a mirror, is not always what it seems. Hence, the mirror lies.

Legend says long ago, that a man of the era wished to establish a connection between the Mirror Dimension and our dimension. Although the logical answer was that reflection are only that of an image of yourself reflected back at you, there is a myth that states your reflection is your Parallel Copy preventing you from passing through to their world when you try to touch a mirror.

This man wanted to open the connection, following this myth. It is said that he created a mirror that had an odd feeling about it. What was even odder is that it did not display a person's reflection. Afraid of the evils this man could release, the people of the area had him killed. The mirror was said to have been cursed by him on the day of his death, and the people sealed it away somewhere in hopes that it is never found.

This is just an old tale, however."

-In-game prologue


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