Hetalia: The Suicide Room
Suicideroom img

The game's title screen (by Music-Piyada on DeviantART.)

Creator Music-Piyada
Medium RPG Maker VX Ace
Genre Horror
Language English
Game Version Chapter 1
Game Status Discontinued

Hetalia: The Suicide Room (or simply The Suicide Room) is a psychological horror HetaGame created by [[[|]] Music-Piyada on DeviantART. The game itself surrounds England and the other nations as they find themselves trapped in an abandoned 50-year-old house, and plays a ghost girl's game awhile, and they need to escape. As of January 2014, only Chapter 1 has been released.

Due to having to use a Mac computer during school, The Suicide Room is now on a permanent hiatus. However, Music-Piyada is willing to upload a comic version of The Suicide Room, beginning with Chapter 1 and continuing on to Chapter 2 and beyond.

The game's title references the 2011 Polish movie The Suicide Room , though the game itself has little to no relation to the movie's plot.


Much like most HetaGames, The Suicide Room is RPG-based. And much like other horror RPG games, this one requires puzzle-solving and detailed exploration.

Setting, Characters, and StoryEdit


The Suicide Room's setting is primarily at Japan's home country, where an abandoned house resides. Japan also noted that the house is to be demolished into plain land. The house is fifty years old and has subtle witchcraft in it, cast by the house's only resident, the ghost girl Hoyami.


Major charactersEdit

  • Japan - Main protagonist. After his boss proposed that the 50-year-old house to be demolished, he invites all his friends there for fun, but becomes trapped along with them.
  • England - Main protagonist. He specializes in Black Magic. He was invited by America to come to Japan's house, but becomes trapped in the abandoned house along with the others.
  • America - Main protagonist. He invites England to Japan's house, but he becomes guilty for invinting him and the others into a death trap.

Minor charactersEdit

  • France - England's archrival. He becomes trapped in Hoyami's house along with the rest of the gang.
  • Canada - America's younger brother. He becomes trapped in Hoyami's house along with the rest of the gang.
  • Italy - An old friend of Japan's. He felt scared about going into Hoyami's house at first, but seemingly calms down when him going with Germany and the others in abig group wouldn't be as frightening. He becomes trapped in Hoyami's house along with the rest of the gang.
  • Germany - Another old friend of Japan's and is Italy's "best friend." He becomes trapped in Hoyami's house along with the rest of the gang.
  • Russia - Former (?) rival of America's. He becomes trapped in Hoyami's house along with the rest of the gang, though he doesn't appear to show any distress nor protest about it, seemingly content with it.
  • China - The eldest of all the nations. He becomes trapped in Hoyami's house along with the rest of the gang.
  • Prussia - The vain and narcissistic older brother of Germany and friend of Canada's. He becomes trapped in Hoyami's house along with the rest of the gang.


  • Hoyami - The main antagonist. Beforehand, she enjoys watching people who come into her house then fall in despair and commit suicide hereafter.
    In the game, she's overjoyed when she discovers that the nations are immortal and that she could watch their endless suffering.


Chapter 1Edit

Warning: The following sub-sections conatin spoilers. Please highlight the white box below as you read.

The game starts off with England, at his house, having just finished his work. However, just before he gets some relaxation, America calls and invites him to Japan's house, adding that there's an abandoned house at his home. At first, England starts to protest, but America hangs up on him in excitement. Somewhat worried, England gathers what he needs in his basement and travels to Japan's house, where he finds the other nations, including Canada and Prussia.

After all the nations have been invited, they set off to the abandoned house. China notices a sign in front of it, and Japan reads the sign, revealing that it's a poem. The poem reads that a female ghost lurks within the house, with the last line saying "She will wish that you were dead," which unnerves everyone. England, awhile, senses negative energy from the house and deduces that there's witchcraft within.

The nations enter the house, where they find yet another poem on the wall, written in dried blood. The poem reads that an evelope is on the floor of the foyer. The nations pick it up and open it, but as they do so, the front door closes and locks itself. They try to open it, but to no avail. In the midst of confusion, Hoyami appears, and told them that escape is futile in this house, much to their dismay. Japan attempts to attack her, but his katana phases through her and she disappears.

Though the are confused, the gang decide to explore the first floor then proceed to the second floor, where they are surprised to find it clean. They then encounter yet another poem, which tells them that the second floor has been cleaned specifically for them and instructs them to go to the bedroom down the hallway. When they arrive, they find Hoyami sitting on one of the beds. Hoyami explains that the nations must play a scavenger hunt in which they must find items around the house and disappears.

England decides to split the nations up into groups so that the could investigate separately. The rest of the nations agree and leave the room, with America stying behind briefly, apologizing to England for bringing all of them into a death trap. Annoyed at his irresponsibility, England orders America out and he complies. Hereafter, England decides to read the journal he found in the library downstairs and finds that it's Hoyami's diary, with entries regarding her family, with the last entry of her mother being killed by her father and hiding her body in the basement.

America comes back, much to England's annoyance, and feeling guilty, America decides to stay with him to keep him company. Soon, Prussia and Canada come back with France where he falls to the floor, shivering. Shocked, England tells America to gather the rest of the nations to the bedroom.

Hereafter, the nations share what they've found, but haven't found any clues so far. France comes to and explains that while he was in the kitchen (after splitting up from Canada and Prussia), he found something int he sink and tried to reach for it, but upon touching it, he gets a flashback of him being beheaded by a guillotine during the French Revolution and screamed, which prompted Canada and Prussia to rush to the kitchen to his aid.

England deduces that Hoyami wants to see them suffer through any painful memory triggered, but curious about what it was, he goes with Germany and Italy to the kitchen to find the object France was talking about. Italy reaches for the object, but Germany and England warn him that what happened to France would likely happen to him also, but are relieved to see that the spell is temporary and they find a key to the basement, according to Hoyami's diary.

They go to the basement, unlock it, and they find it tarnished with bloodstains everywhere. Unnerved by this, the three men exit out, but the door closes on Italy just as he was about to exit. Hoyami then appears behind him and proceeds to torture him.

Meanwhile, England and Germany try to open the basement door, but find it stuck just like the front door. In the basement, Italy screams, clawing at the door to get out, helplessly begging Germany to help him. England then rushes back upstairs and tell the others that Italy is in trouble, and the all rush downstairs, but find Germany trembling on the floor, helplessly listening to Italy's toturous screams. Some of the nations go back upstairs to block out the screaming, but it sounded like it was echoing throughout the house.

Half an hour later, the basement door unlocks, and the remaining nations rush in to find Italy unconscious, covered in blood. They bring him upstairs to the bedroom and laid him on one of the beds to rest, cleaing off the blood.

While the other nations are relieved that Italy wasn't physically injured, Russia suspects that Hoyami might be cheating in the scavenger hunt.

Bugs and ErrorsEdit

When players restart a saved file after selecting "Continue" then selecting whatever file they've saved, they are redirected to the title screen, prompting them to restart the game all over again.


  • England's items in the basement, Veritaserum and Dittany, refer to the potions of the same name from the Harry Potter book series.
  • A few players pointed out that the architecture of the abandoned house is similar to that of the haunted mansion in HetaOni.
  • The game's name was inspired by a soundtrack from Hetaoni, named Suicide Room respectively, and not by a movie of the same name.

ReferencesEdit <------ Music-Piyada's DeviantART page (Music-Piyada's answer to a comment about the game's title)