Game Information
HetaOrigin: Redraw the World
Hetaorigin redraw the world fixed demo by jpopkitty
Creator JpopKitty
Medium RPG Maker VX Ace
Genre Adventure, Fantasy, Suspense, Sci-fi 
Language English
Game Version Chapter 1 - Chapter 3
Game Status Ongoing
Website JpopKitty

HetaOrigin: Redraw the World is an English language game by JpopKitty on deviantART created with RPG Maker VX Ace.

Game Plot/Game SummaryEdit

The world is currently under the rule of the Chrysos Empire. Kiku Honda is an ordinary citizen of District 37  of the 5th Province (formally known as Great Britain). One evening, his friend is accused of treason against the  empire and police mark him as an accomplice. Just as he is about to be arrested, a mysterious girl by the name of Elizabeta appears to his rescue.


Kiku Honda- primary character of the game; ordinary citizen

Arthur Kirkland- master thief; Peter's older brother

Peter Kirkland- thief; Arthur's younger brother

Michelle Bonnefoy- Kiku's friend; works at her Grandfather's fish stand

Elizabeta Héderváry- second in command of the White Lily

Feliciano Vargas- leader of the White Lily resistance group

Lieutenant Antonio Fernández Carriedo- Head of the royal guard

Xao Mei (Lin Yi Ling)- tea shop employee; sells supplies to the White Lily

Wang Yao (Wong Hwei)- teashop owner; called "teacher" by Mei

Toris Laurinaitis- member of the White Lily; specializes in undercover operations

Eduard Von Bock- member of the White Lily

Vash Zwingli- member of the White Lily

Gupta Muhammad Hassan- member of the White Lily; only communicates through writing

Mr.Peterson- Kiku's former employer; owner of the district's gun factory; former supplier to the White Lily

Bug Reports/ ErrorsEdit

  • In the sewers, after activating the green orb's platform, if you save with the Japan mochi savepoint and/or exit the game right after, the green orb's platform might disappear. 

Trivia/ Extra FactsEdit