Game Information
Hetamagic demo by dream thunder-d8ore19
Creator dream-thunder and Vicanl00
Medium RPG Maker VX Ace
Genre Adventure, Fantasy
Language English
Game Version Demo
Game Status Ongoing
Website dream-thunder, Vicanl00

HetaMagic is an English-language game created by dream-thunder and Vicanl00 with RPG Maker VX Ace.

Game Plot/Game SummaryEdit

Hello! My name is Mathias! I'm the First Solider in a kingdom called Northern Kingdom! It's a very important job! How did I get it? My brother, Berwald, is the king! And now I have an imortant mission! We've been attacked by monsters the past weeks and Berwald thinks it's the witch in the forest who is sending them! I'm going to capture her! Those who have seen her says she is beautiful! But she won't stand a chance against me!! Wish me luck!


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