This is the template to start you all off, based off of the Final Fantasy Character articles. Copy and paste the template to whatever character article you're making, but you have to delete all the text and replace them with information, firstly. However, please note that you can only add character articles if you feel certain characters in relavance.


Character informationEdit

This is where you will write the introductory information about the character. Is s/he the main protagonist, antagonist, deuteragonist, or anti-hero? What abilites/powers does s/he have? Is s/he the central, secondary, or minor character? What weapon(s) does the character carry in battle?

To the right is the table template for the character.

Table customizationEdit

Character Table
Nation Name Nation's full name
Human Name Nation's human name, canon or not
Age Nation's biological age, canon or not
Species Nation (default)
Birthday Date nation was granted independence
Height Nation's height, canon or not
Hair/Eye Color Nation's hair and eye color, divided by a "/"
Job Class What job class a nation is assigned as
Weapon What weapon(s) a nation carries

You can easily edit the text in visual mode. Though to delete/add sections, switch to source mode. You can also add in colors. You can refer to here to know how. For further reference, go here or here.  To add in images while in source mode, just type in File:Image.png in the "Image" area. Only extensions .jpg, .jpeg, .gif and .png are compatible. And the image has to be around 150px.


This space on what the character looks like, including what s/he normally wears, skin tone, hair style and color, eye color, and other information regarding his/her appearance.


Fill out his/her personality traits and character flaws.


Space reserved for relationships the character has with other people.



Where and what the character was doing before the game's story. If it's not applicable to the character, you can skip this.

Main StoryEdit

What the character does alongside the other for the duration of the game's main story.


Applies to fan characters only. If no information is availible, this section can be removed.


Applies to either canon or fan characters only.


Snippets of lines that would often refer to the Hetalia anime itself, the game based off of it, what the fans believe, or their history in general. If no information is availible, this section can be removed.


Unknown facts or extra information/ mistakes that were otherwise overlooked.


Links to Hetalia on Wikipedia, other wikia articles, or the creator's YouTube or DeviantART pages, or other soical media they have an account with. Usually a place you can cite your sources of information as well. Example being a link to a orum or comment where information reffered to in the above articles came from.