Creator Hidekaz Himaruya
Medium Visual Novel
Genre Slice of Life, Dating Sim

Japanese [Original]

English [Translations]

Game Version Demo [Incomplete]
Game Status

Discontinued [Alternative for PSP/DS]



Gakuen Hetalia (学園ヘタリア, literally Hetalia Academy or alternatively Hetalia School) was an unfinished dating sim project by Hidekaz Himaruya, first released as a demo on January 11, 2007 and based on his Hetalia: Axis Powers series. In this alternative universe game, the cast are all in their teens and attend the multicultural private high school, World Academy W. The player character is Seychelles, a new transfer student.

A commercial version of the game for the PSP engine is slated for release in later 2010.


Game Summary (Based on 2007 game demo)Edit

Gakuen Hetalia Title Screen

Gakuen Hetalia Title Screen

Part 1Edit

Seychelles arrives at her new school, looking around at the vast campus. She narrates that the school was founded recently, and that it imparts education to other countries in hopes of achieving world peace. She mentions that all nations must attend it at least once in their life, though Switzerland has perpetually skipped school and nobody can do anything about it due to fear of his explosive temper.

Seychelles explains that she was living peacefully in her set of islands, but that the European nations forced her to enroll at the academy. She laments at how "terrible" the world is, and at her lack of talents and confidence. While in the past, she was rich and strong, she is now poor and useless, only able to sing, dance, and make souvenirs.

Suddenly, she is approached by England, who asks which country she's supposed to be. He clamps a dog collar around her neck as he declares her to be his new colony (much to her horror and his amusement). England lists the first three rules of the school off to her:

  • "Don't run in the halls!"
  • "Get along with everyone!"
  • "Survival Of The Fittest!"

Seychelles notices that the second and third rules are contradictory, but an irritable England explains that everything ends in rule 3, no matter how friendly they may look. Seychelles becomes upset by this notion, while England orders that as his territory, she must do everything he says and work under him, as he is the president of the student council. He warns that if she tries to flee, he'll invade her house. Seychelles becomes furious, and screams at England, calling him an " Eyebrow Bastard".

We fade to a brief beach flashback of Seychelles, as an old man (her grandfather) converses with her about her departure to the outside world. Seychelles states that the only friends she has on the island are the sea life, but her grandfather insists that she'll be able to succeed if she tries hard. Seychelles answers that she'll do her best, even if her flag and national emblem are lame and she'll surely be bullied.

Part 2Edit

Back at the school, England lists off more rules to Seychelles:

  • "Follow my orders!"
  • "Call me '-sama'!"
  • "Don't complain about food!"

England orders her to come to the student council room after her class is over, as her work for him starts today. He lets her go, and she wanders the halls, noting how huge the place is and musing over her depression at being there. She spots China, as the caption "Guy With A Panda" appears (due to him carrying a panda around in his backpack, an animal which she finds to be very interesting). Seychelles decides to ask China about the classes, unsure of where she belongs in the school. As she mentions that she became England's territory, China expresses sympathy and states that England is extremely brutal and bullied him as well (by destroying his house and making him take strange medicines).

China explains that due to England's high position in the student council, nobody can go against him, and he once tried to but lost. He tells Seychelles not to be depressed, for maybe they'll have a chance to win against him in the future. Seychelles muses over how useful a spear would be against England, then wonders if tuna fish and seagulls would help her odds as well.

China introduces himself as being part of the Asia class, and that he's famous so she should have at least heard of him before (though she hasn't). Seychelles still expresses confusion over the location of her class, but China offers to lead her to the Africa class. Seychelles then asks China if she can pet his panda...

Part 3Edit

Seychelles introduces herself to the other students of the Africa class. She at first seems to think she can fit in well, as all the others seem to be fun. The first other five students introduce themselves as territories of England, much to her shock. She flashes back to what he said about the rules, and becomes upset.

The teacher asks if she's alright (as "smoke" is emitting from her head), but Seychelles insists that she's fine. Five more students introduce themselves, the last one being Ethiopia (unseen), who nervously states that he's an Italian territory. Seychelles wonders if Ethiopia is joking, and figures that she doesn't understand their humor.

The other students ask Seychelles what her national emblem and flag are like, as another student details the significance of their flag design. Seychelles hesitates, thinking to herself about how she wanted to skip showing people the emblem. She nervously sketches it out on the blackboard, stating that it's a "tuna and swordfish".

Part 4Edit

After class is over, Seychelles muses over her embarrassment, as the other African nations laughed at her design, one laughing so hard that they had to be carried off by paramedics.

As she walks further, lost in thought, she collides with Italy, who falls and hits his head on the hard marble floor. He looks up at her, smiling and holding a crepe, and states that he's okay. Seychelles panics and mentions that his stock market went down due to her,. Italy is soon overcome by his emotions and the pain in his head and passes out, mentioning that he sees his grandfather. In a sight gag subtitled "Go To Heaven", his soul flees his body to join angel versions of Estonia and Latvia.

As Seychelles freaks out at the unconscious Italy, Japan appears and orders for her to step aside and make room. He tries to revive Italy, but says it's no use as he's "gone back to Ancient Rome". He then tells Seychelles not to worry, for he'll come back immediately. Japan yells at Italy, demanding to know what he's doing sleeping in the hallway. Italy stirs a little, as Japan orders him to put his clothes on when he goes to sleep, and to stop singing in his sleep. Italy revives, apologizing and begging for the "process" technique to stop. Italy becomes confused by the fact that he can't see Germany anywhere, but Japan explains that he must have been hearing things.

Seychelles apologizes for bumping into Italy, though Japan reveals that Italy crashes into people at least 8 times a day. Italy becomes confused, as he believes it's only 5 people. He insists that he's quite "tough". Seychelles recalls Ethiopia stating that he was an Italian territory.

Italy asks if she's a new student, and cheers over the fact that she is (while Japan tries to get him to calm down). Italy then asks Seychelles if she's decided on a school club, and recommends the "M.R." (Manga Research) club. Seychelles becomes confused by the word "manga" and asks what it is, much to the shock and horror of Japan. Italy mentions that Japan looks dejected, and he must be going through jigyaku (masochism, self-torture).

Seychelles apologizes once more, as Italy and Japan continue to recommend the club. They introduce themselves as being from the Asia and Europe classes, and that they're allied "for the time being" (though Italy wonders what Japan means by that). Seychelles introduces herself as an English territory, to the two boys' surprise. Italy tells her to be strong, for the food is terrible, while Japan tells him he shouldn't be saying things like that.

Seychelles tells the other two that she'll go to their club if she has spare time after school, and the three part ways. Seychelles thinks to herself about how the school is filled with "strange people", but does not realize that she is one herself.

Part 5Edit

Seychelles bumps into England in the library, who informs her that she has arrived late. As Seychelles sits down for a discussion with him, England becomes confused by her usage of French words like oui and quoi?.France arrives, calling England a "Johnny Pervert". The two argue, and it is revealed that France is the vice-president of the student council. France notices that Seychelles is there, and informs England that she's his girlfriend, so he should leave her alone. England calls France out for being an "old man" (due to the hand expression he used to signify Seychelles being his lover), while France's rebuttal is that he isn't swept up by the flow of time.

France apologizes to Seychelles for not telling her in advance about England, while England becomes confused at the fact the two know each other. Seychelles thinks about how it was France who invited her to the school, and that he raised her from when she was a child, teaching her his language and culture. She mentions that when he gave her a short skirt to wear, she thought his goal was to see her body, but he acted like a gentleman to her. Seychelles explains that France is a nice person as long as you do what he says, but that if you disobey him, he can be "scary". She then mentally states that he looks like he's a little too old to be in high school.

England gets annoyed at France for claiming ownership over Seychelles, while France compliments her on her uniform. Seychelles quickly realizes that France is getting a little TOO close to her, while France explains that it's only the distance to convey love "French-style". France attempts to undress Seychelles, much to her shock and embarrassment (as she panics that he's touching her Vallee de Mai Natural Reserve and that her exchange rate will go up due to that). England notes that it looks like France is sexually harassing her, but France explains that it's only a form of expressing love and that England must contact other people with more love himself.

Seychelles screams for France to just "dissolve" and hits him, but quickly apologizes and pleads for him not to attack her. France apologizes in return and says that since he had a good time, he'll call it a tie. As England becomes baffled at the entire scene, the demo cuts off.


In a post-credits scene, Spain and Italy talk to the audience about the demo. Spain wonders why his name and flag aren't listed to introduce him with, but Italy says that his flag is too difficult and snaps that it isn't "cruel", for Germany didn't even get to show up.

Italy explains that the demo was made to celebrate 6 million hits on Kitayume, but that the hit count climbed to 7 million by the time it was finished, and that it was climbing to 8 million by the time this omake was made. Italy wonders if Himaruya will be okay, for authors have their troubles too.

Spain tells Italy not to complain, and that if they leave it to the author, he can try a little harder. He thanks the audience for playing the demo of the game, and Italy expresses hope that they'll meet again.

Meanwhile, America wonders when it will be his turn to speak. Japan states that there is no such turn for him, while America wonders if he's really serious.

Additional Scenes (Game Screenplay from 2007/8, incomplete)Edit

These scenes can only be found in an incomplete screenplay for Gakuen Hetalia, on a hidden page of Kitayume. It is unknown if this screenplay will still be valid or not for the commercial PSP version.

Part 7Edit

France notes that Seychelles has been claimed by both him and England, but asks her what she wants to do. Seychelles becomes annoyed at France for speaking of her as if she were an object. England then states that unless Seychelles becomes strong in the school, he himself is free to do whatever he wants with her. Seychelles is infuriated and threatens to punch England, France offering to assist her in doing so.

England then becomes reminded of something, as he realizes that France is trying to assist his colony in becoming independent. France tells England that it's his fault for being too strict with them (which causes them to run away), and it's why America became independent. England threatens to start The Hundred Years Warover again, and a fight breaks out between the two. Seychelles watches, thinking that she could easily get away, yet wondering if it'd be better if she stayed. The player has three options:

  • Curse England
  • Ask France
  • Go to the Manga Research Club
Choice 1: Curse EnglandEdit

Seychelles decides that she'll curse England to death, and prepares to inflict a spell on him. When England and France ask what she is doing, she informs them that she's a "professional" at placing curses. England however, finds the threat of a curse "cool", as he happens to be an occult nerd. He asks Seychelles if she can show him how to cast the spell afterwards, though Seychelles is disturbed at how he isn't frightened by her threat.

France and Seychelles both become intimidated by England, who yells at them to go away. In the corridor, Seychelles muses over how France and England don't get along, and how she has never met so many people. She continues to wonder about England and his unusual reaction to the idea of being cursed, and finds it "suspicious" that he's even a country.

Choice 2: Ask FranceEdit

Seychelles asks France if he can tell her about the school, though France decides that he'll carry her off to "show her around". Seychelles becomes embarrassed by this and states that she's no longer a child. She pleads for France to let her down, only for France to get a "nice view" as she sits down. Seychelles attacks France, injuring his Alsace in the process. France remarks on how "cute" Seychelles is, as England says that he sounds old even after he's been beaten. France insists that it's love, though Seychelles disagrees.

England tells Seychelles that he'll have a word with France, though France reminds Seychelles of how she used to pester him to carry her around as a kid. Seychelles insists it was in the past, while England calls him a pervert. France says that it's only an expression of love that the two can't understand, but England says that he's too loose with his lower half and that he won't allow it in a school with morals.

France says that he only does those things to the people he loves, so it doesn't count as sexual harassment. He adds that England can't understand as he's never been loved, which causes a fight to break out between the two (as England threatens to burn down Versailles).

In the corridor, Seychelles reminisces over how France used to carry her and becomes embarrassed by the memory.

Choice 3: Manga Research ClubEdit

Seychelles leaves the student council room, as England and France continue to fight. She finds a storage room, but becomes frightened by the sudden appearance of Germany, who orders her to sit down after she explains that Italy and Japan told her to come there.

Seychelles has an awkward, limited conversation with Germany, as she feels intimidated by his very presence. The silence is broken when Italy and Japan arrive, which causes Seychelles to become tearful and happy. Italy explains that Germany isn't used to dealing with girls, and Japan tells her not to mind him. Germany orders an explanation from Italy, who tells him that they invited Seychelles to join their club.

Italy explains that the club is for reading manga and watching anime, and Japan adds that they do research on manga and try to draw their own. Japan reveals that he is the one who organized the club, though it is the others who are enthusiastic about it. Italy adds that they want their club to be a full-fledged one, but that England won't give them a definite answer. Germany agrees with Seychelles on England being stubborn, which causes Seychelles to be reminded of the student council room and the possible punishment that England will inflict upon her for leaving (she imagines him ordering her to clean all the men's toilets and the library).

Seychelles excuses herself and prepares to leave, but Italy offers her his favorite manga to read, though Germany and Japan question his taste. Italy gives Seychelles 25 volumes of the manga, causing her to become weighed down by the stack. She bids farewell to the boys, and staggers back down the hallway with all the volumes of the manga. Seychelles wonders about the dorms in the school, as well as what the manga will be like.

Part 8Edit

Seychelles bumps into America in the hallway, who asks her if she's seen England (and demonstrates that he has very thick eyebrows and happens to be short). She tells him that England is busy in the council room. America then realizes that he's never seen Seychelles before, and asks her if she was a country "born recently". Seychelles answers that she's lived for quite a long time, but only recently got a name and that it's her first day at the school.

America is in disbelief that nobody else had ever heard of Seychelles, and wonders if she has a strange culture he never knew of. He introduces himself to the worried Seychelles and states that his hobbies are archeology and studying the cultures of other countries. He asks her to teach him about her culture, though Seychelles tells him that her islands are mostly forests and sea and that she doesn't have many myths. America however, is intrigued by the idea of myths. Seychelles muses to herself about how her myths are rather obscene (such as a palm tree that resembles a woman's genitalia).

America pulls out a map, and asks Seychelles how far away she would be from New York. Seychelles realizes that the "world map" is only a map of the United States, while America is confused as he believes the map to truly be one of the world. Seychelles becomes annoyed and states that she's tired of being the sane one, though America wants to be friends with her, as he is intrigued by her being a solitary island with myths, and her "stylish necklace" (her collar). Seychelles explains that England gave her it, and America responds that it's best if she doesn't make England mad. America then spots England leaving the student council room, and decides to ask him about Seychelles.

America and England then have a bit of an argument, as England reminds America of how he broke away to become independent. America replies that it's in the past, and adds that England always talks of the past. France only laughs at the situation, much to England's annoyance.

Seychelles watches the three from afar, and wonders if it's time for her to go to her dorm.

If the player selected the "Manga Research Club" choice, Seychelles simply comments on the large amount of baggage she has.

Part 9Edit

Seychelles wanders the halls in search of her dorm, wondering how to go about finding it. She considers asking someone, but fears that someone else will try to make her a colony. She spots Russia and decides to ask him, as he looks harmless.

Seychelles asks Russia where the dorm is, but instantly becomes disturbed and feels the atmosphere tensing. Though Russia smiles, she can't help but feel like she asked the wrong person (as she tries to repeat her question but stammers). Russia then repeats her question of where the dorm is. Seychelles apologizes and tells him it's okay, but Russia then asks Lithuania where the dorm room is.

Lithuania explains that he's in the school for a short-term period and that explaining it is difficult. He trails off, and Seychelles wonders why they're staring at her. Austria wanders the hallway with a megaphone, calling out Seychelles' name as Russia wonders if he's looking for her. Seychelles becomes somewhat embarrassed, though Russia explains that Austria's one of the staff and can take her there. She thinks to herself of how she's become relieved at the idea of getting away from Russia more than the idea of getting to the dorm.

Russia asks Seychelles if he carried out his duty, and she agrees. But as she tries to leave, Russia grabs her by the collar and tells her that she happens to be the colony of a country he hates very much. He adds that if she doesn't like being England's territory, she can come see him and he'll let her quit. Russia bids Seychelles goodbye, as she shivers in fear.

Lithuania then warns Seychelles to not hang out with Russia so much, for the sake of her future. He explains that she can't be careless, as both Russia and the school are quite dangerous and she'll end up suffering under Russia the way he is. Russia then calls Lithuania's name, causing him to panic as he bids Seychelles goodbye as well. Seychelles wonders about Lithuania and how he didn't seem to be a "friend" of Russia's, even though he hung around him.

Austria calls for Seychelles again, and she approaches him. He explains that he was worried that she was being picked on for being English territory, but adds that it was only a joke after Seychelles asks him how he knew. Austria guides her to the dormitories, and states that moral control and freshmen control are the committee's duties. He introduces himself, though Seychelles mistakes his name for "Australia", causing him to become disgusted and call her an idiot (which only infuriates Seychelles).

He tells her that he was modeled from the Hallstatt culture of the 5th century, but was born as the Archduchy of Austria in 1156 and lived in the Holy Roman Empire. In the 15th century, he was part of the House of Habsburgand grew up, but due to the Thirty Years War, he spent his youth in the middle of trouble.

Seychelles is dumbfounded at Austria's long introduction, but tells him that she understands (though she really doesn't) and says that he's a great person. He informs her that he's not finished with his history, and that personal history cannot be "uneven". Seychelles can't tell if he's serious or not, but Austria continues to state that he's a country that's famous for its music and that Beethoven and Schubert were raised there. Seychelles recognizes the name of Beethoven and explains that her grandfather has a record of him. She states that she often listens to the 5th symphony, while Austria replies that he used to play that music.

Austria then explains that Beethoven was known for being a deaf composer, but that latest research suggests that his deafness and death were due to a large amount of arsenic. He then goes into an explanation of how Vienna had river poisoning and how Beethoven must have ingested arsenic from polluted fish. Seychelles then screams that that's the "wrong topic".

Part 10Edit

After listening to Austria's long speech about music, Seychelles finds that they have finally arrived at the women's dormitory, though Austria expresses displeasure about the rooms not being soundproof.

The two are then greeted by Hungary, who is disappointed to see that Austria is already leaving (as she had been waiting for him). Hungary introduces herself to Seychelles, and says that her heart is "Austrian territory". Seychelles introduces herself in return, but explains to Hungary that her place isn't as wonderful as thought as the cost of living is high and there are too many turtles.

Hungary finds the part about turtles cute, and asks Seychelles if she wants to go to her room or the cafeteria. Seychelles decides that she'll go drink at the cafeteria, and Hungary shows her the way.

Part 11Edit

Hungary leads Seychelles back to her room after they're done. Seychelles thinks of how it's only been her first day at the school, but so many things have happened.

She thinks of how on the islands, all she did was wake up, catch fish, dance, sing, eat and sleep. Seychelles tries to put the school day's events in order, going over how she was made into a colony, told about her class by a "nice panda", how France was a "perverted old man", and how she met the boys at the Manga Research Club. She thinks of how there were geeky boys, scary boys, and weak boys, and how Austria took her to the dorms and how cute Hungary was.

She goes on to think that she feels like she skipped something, though she feels good about it. Seychelles prepares for bed, and finds herself very sleepy.

Part 12Edit

Depending on which flag choice you chose earlier in the game, the following part will build on it and has three variations.

If You Have England's FlagEdit

Seychelles is awoken by an announcement telling her that there is a phone call for her. Hungary comments on how cute Seychelles' "bed hair" is and offers to take her to the phone, while Seychelles wonders if it's her grandfather that's calling. Seychelles asks Hungary if she has a parental figure, and Hungary answers that she was from an equestrian tribe and raised by Hun, who was very strict. Hungary tells Seychelles of how her neighbors loved to fight, and how she used to lose a lot in fights. She grows increasingly agitated as she becomes reminded of her failure, and loudly curses having been beat up by the Ottoman EmpireRomania, and the Mongols. Hungary abruptly apologizes to Seychelles for her outburst, though Seychelles decides that she's all too glad to have been a lonely island.

Hungary takes Seychelles to the front office, where she answers the phone. It turns out that England was the one who called her, and he scolds her for having left suddenly the way she did (as he is her "master"). Seychelles attempts to make him hang up by singing in French, and refers to him as "Eyebrows" when asking what he wants of her. England asks her why she left, and Seychelles answers that that it was the "will of God" and that there was a light and "beeping" voices.

England is amazed, and tells her that he wants to hear about her experience in detail, while Seychelles is baffled that he actually fell for her story. England then says that since it was her first day at school, he wanted to treat her to dinner as he's a country of gentlemen (which Seychelles feels to be quite a lie). Seychelles asks him if they can have dinner the next night, and seems surprised that he has a nice side to him. England proceeds to hang up after a hurried "See you tomorrow".

Seychelles tells Hungary that England wanted to have dinner with her, to which Hungary says is very much like him as he pays a lot of attention to manners. But she then adds that it's also "scary", causing Seychelles to become unsettled.

France's FlagEdit

Seychelles dreams of a moment in the past, when someone came to her island. Her grandfather realizes that their quiet islands will soon become noisier. Seychelles wonders what he means, but then a younger France appears.

Manga FlagEdit

Seychelles wakes up and finds herself bored, so she starts to read through the manga (a collected edition ofAdvance! Kitakou Broadcasting Club!). But she winds up confused by the strange manga and doesn't get it, so she goes back to sleep.

Part 13Edit

Seychelles is awoken by the morning sun, and continues to find her surroundings unusual (as two-story buildings that aren't hotels are very rare where she's from).

She gets ready to go to class, but finds that her room is still filled with boxes. Seychelles makes a note to clean the room later, and to be "tough" as she won't make it in the school if she's not.

Part 14Edit

This part is also determined by your earlier choice and which "flag" you have

England's FlagEdit

Hungary introduces Seychelles to how the cafeteria works, though Seychelles finds that it doesn't serve her usual breakfast: Flying fish and rice.

Later on, outside the dorm, the two run into Austria. Hungary assures Austria that she'll take Seychelles to class, and as he leaves, sighs over how "awesome" he is and lets out a "fuck", to which Seychelles notes that Hungary sometimes utters "boyish words".

France's FlagEdit

France shows up in the dormitory and greets his "princess" Seychelles, complimenting her on her uniform. He asks her if she ate her breakfast properly, noting that girls her age tend to be on diets and skip eating meat. Seychelles answers that she'll keep eating all her breakfast, as she wonders just how old France is.

France then offers to escort her to school. Seychelles thinks of how happy she is that he came to see her, though she then wonders if he's pulling another move to hit on her. France wonders why she hesitates, though Seychelles tells him that she's happy he came to take her. France replies that he's thinking of coming there every day, as Seychelles thinks of how ashamed she would be if friends spotted her with him.

The two walk through a town, Seychelles wondering if everything will go well at school. France insists that he'll help her out, but then asks if she's cold. Seychelles replies that she is, and that she didn't know that autumn could be so cold. She feels scared that winter could be even colder, though France laughs and says she has nothing to worry about. He proceeds to grope her and says that they can always walk close together everyday. Seychelles screams at him and calls him a pervert.

France apologizes for getting so close to her, while Seychelles apologizes for yelling. France claims he was only kidding and if she's not careful, "Grandpa" will catch her. Seychelles finds it weird how he called himself "Grandpa", but responds that she'll think about getting back to him with another joke (maybe). She thinks to herself how France will be France.

Part 15Edit

In class, Seychelles finds the freezing air to be too harsh (as the average lowest temperature she's had would be 24 degrees Celsius). The other students agree that it's cold, but say that heated classrooms are only for the Europe students. One student remarks that they heard it might even snow too.

Seychelles wonders what snow would be like, but is interrupted by England calling her to the student council room. One of the students urges her to be strong.

In the student council room, England orders Seychelles to make him some tea, and lectures her on how to make it. When she suggests that he's being too obsessive over it, he says that tea is an obsession that an Englishman can't live without. He then orders her to make the tea, though she forgot the directions.

Seychelles swears to herself that she'll make a tea so good that "Eyebrows" will shoot rays of light out of his mouth.

The player has a choice between using these tea leaves:

  • Assam Can (the correct answer)
  • Oolong Can
  • Ceylon Can
  • Lipton Pack

For water, there are also four options:

  • Soft Water (correct answer)
  • Mineral Water
  • Tap Water
  • Rain Water

After adding the water, there are four boiling options:

  • 100 degrees
  • 70 degrees
  • 60 degrees (correct)
  • 30 degrees

Seychelles gives England his tea, but he finds it disgusting:

  • If the player chose the Oolong, England will comment on how his tea doesn't taste like tea.
  • If they used the Lipton, England becomes puzzled that Seychelles tried to fool him with a tea pack.
  • If they used mineral water, England comments on the strange smell of the tea.
  • If they used rain water, England tells Seychelles not to make the tea so detestable.
  • If the player boiled the tea at 100 degrees, England will find it too dangerous to drink.
  • If they boiled it at 30 degrees, he will find it too cold to drink.

England forces Seychelles to skip all of her classes and makes Seychelles repeat her task over and over to "get it right". The scene ends with England yelling at Seychelles for her various failures in making the tea.


The player will then gain another "England's Flag" point

Seychelles serves England the tea, and he comments that it's high-quality tea that the British Empire chose carefully. Seychelles remarks that the tea got a bit worse, so he should shut up. England demands to know why she's acting so smug, though Seychelles says that he of all people shouldn't be saying that. England orders her to drink the tea. Seychelles wonders if she can bring it back home for her grandfather, though England says she'd have to buy the utensils too.

Seychelles thinks to herself that maybe it'll be good if they stay like this, though when England comments that she's "provincial", she thinks that maybe it isn't.

Part 16Edit

After school, Seychelles realizes that the only thing she learned to do was make tea, as she didn't get to go to any classes. She wonders what she shall do.

It is here that several pages are shown to be missing from the script, from after this one (27) to page 32. It is unknown what may come between these parts.

Part 17Edit

Page 32

Seychelles gets another telephone call from England, who demands to know why she left early again. She apologizes for forgetting about "Eyebrows", while England insists she not call him that. Seychelles apologizes again, though England says that he'll ask her reason the next day and that he's tired. He bids her good night, though he becomes irritated when Seychelles responds with "Oui".

Seychelles realizes that she forgot about their appointment and acted bad, and plans to apologize to him in the morning.

Game EndingsEdit

These take place after the missing pages 33-89 of the script. It is unknown what occurs in those pages, or how many other endings Himaruya may have planned for the game.

Bad End (France): France-samaEdit

If the player does not have enough affinity points with England, this ending will occur.

Seychelles is feeling down about her tough life in the school, and how she still can't understand England. France says that she doesn't need to understand him, as even though they've been inseparable, in a bad way, he hasn't been able to understand him either.

When Seychelles states that she doesn't feel like being England's colony anymore, France offers to help her. Though his laughter makes her feel uneasy, she feels that she'll let him do so. France says that for people without love, "touching with love" is the most important thing.

England and France meet behind the school, and get into a fight, France ordering England to surrender his dominion over Seychelles. He manages to beat up England, while Seychelles feels that France's "love" is more like violence. A victorious France tells Seychelles to call him "France-sama".

She falls under France's control, and he proceeds to feel her up, explaining that they're an expression of love. Seychelles thinks that if being loved means being happy, she'll be fine. France invites her to dinner at his house, to which she accepts as she wants to eat oysters. France finds it cute how "pure" she is, and tells her that they'll have a party to celebrate her becoming French territory. Though Seychelles is confused at the "party" only involving the two of them, she goes with him.

Seychelles is amazed at France's house, finding it to be larger than the town hall in Victoria (her capital). She says that she's happy to be a French colony, but France leads her in a different direction than the dining room.

In a lone room, Seychelles becomes confused at there being no "party" in it. France remarks on how pure and cute she is, as he adds that the situation will lead to that. He locks the door, and says that there would be only one thing to do. A disturbing aura surrounds him, and the credits roll.

Bad End (England): Welcome To Team AxisEdit

Seychelles is frustrated at having been put to work by England, but feels that she must hold on so she can give him his payback. She finishes cleaning the library, though finds a falling bookshelf to be a nuisance.

England orders her to make his tea, but Seychelles hits him instead, and decides to declare war on him. Seychelles leaves, as England panics.

Behind the gymnasium, Seychelles runs into the Axis and begs them to let her join them. She declares that she's no longer one of England's colonies and will be whatever they want her to be. Germany tells her to calm down, though a raging Seychelles screams that she'll knock England down and kill him. She screams over and over that she declares war.


The Africa ClassEdit

In the incomplete demo, five of these characters are represented as super-deformed (or chibi) heads in speech balloons in the Africa classroom sequence. It is unknown if the characters play any larger role in the extended game, though scrapped concept art of their class uniforms is in existence. These ten other characters, like Seychelles, are each named after a nation of Africa, and introduce themselves as the territories of those who historically annexed them:

  • Kenya (seen as a chibi head): Introduced as a British territory. Her favorite food is nyama choma
  • Uganda (chibi head): Introduced as a British territory. They state that they took their name from the former Kingdom of Buganda.
  • Zimbabwe (chibi head): Introduced as a British territory.
  • Botswana (chibi head): Introduced as a British territory. They like to weave baskets and bead things, and believe that they can cook seswaa the best.
  • Ghana (chibi head): Introduced as a British territory.
  • Cabinda: Introduced as a Portuguese territory.
  • Guinea-Bissau: Introduced as a Portuguese territory.
  • Congo: Introduced as a Belgian territory.
  • Sahara: Introduced as a Spanish territory.
  • Ethiopia: Introduced as an Italian territory. He is made fun of by the rest of the class for being this, and is nervous to admit to it.

Himaruya also mentioned plans to include a Libya character when he originally announced the game. However, Libya does not appear in the demo or in what has been shown of the screenplay.

Voice CastEdit

Demo versionEdit

In the demo, there are only three characters that are voiced. The screenplay was meant for the actors fromThe Code For Flower Of Iris, though it is unknown which of the other characters would have been given voices in the actual game.

  • England/UK: Yuuya Kakitsubata
  • France: Ciaou Sasaki
  • Seychelles' Grandfather: Hanmei Okina

In The MangaEdit

Though the original version of the game remains incomplete, the Gakuen universe was briefly revisited in the second published volume of the Hetalia: Axis Powers manga.

In Academy Hetalia Christmas, the teenage versions of the Axis (Germany, Italy, and Japan) go around the school to survey the other students on how they celebrate their Christmas. The Allies also make an appearance, along with Switzerland and Finland.

In The AnimeEdit

Gakuen Hetalia was shown in Episode 31: Academy Hetalia Christmas, which adapts the story Academy Hetalia Christmas from volume 2 of the published manga.

Gakuen Hetalia Portable (PSP, 2010)Edit

Main Article: Gakuen Hetalia Portable (PSP)

A commercial version of the game is slated for release in late summer/fall 2010. It differs somewhat from the demo and incomplete screenplay with the addition of a "party"-themed plot. GreeceLiechtenstein, and Canada are mentioned to be in this version, along with Switzerland having more of a role.

Trivia/ Extra FactsEdit

  • Hungary mentions in the screenplay that her parental figure was Hun, after the Huns. However, a later blog post by Himaruya on Bamboo Thicketstates that Hungary's ancestor is Magyar. It remains to be seen which name he will go with if the character appears in the comic. However, today's Hungarians believe that the name "Hungary" is actually a misnomer as they are descended from Magyars, not the Huns.
  • In its appearances in Noto-sama 5 and 6, it is revealed that the Academy is based in New York City.