Game Information
Escape from Siberia
Escape from siberia by autumnflower1991-d7sb6t1
Creator Autumnflower1991
Medium RPG Maker VX Ace
Genre Game's story genre i.e. Adventure, Dark Fantasy, etc.
Language English
Game Version Part 004
Game Status Ongoing
Website Autumnflower1991

Game Plot/Game SummaryEdit

Feliciano Vargas wakes up from strange dreams. He notes that it's strange to have had such dreams twice in a row, but shrugs it off. He continues life as usual, working as a cook at Dorm Vella.

However, one morning, he goes to work, only to immediately be taken to see Dorm Vella's leader. There, he is declared guilty of smuggling and harbouring food.

Feliciano is thrown in prison, but a friend gives him a key to escape. He runs away, into the forests, persued by guards, amongst them a man named Ludwig. Feliciano is saved by a mysterious man though.

The man bursts into tears and runs away. Confused, Feliciano follows him into his home and comforts him. When the two hold hands, Feliciano's memories are awakened and he remembers that he is Italy. The man that saved him is Romano, who remembered everything, but had been hiding from the ones who put them in Siberia.

Together, the two decide to help everyone else remember who they are. Of course, things are, unfortunately for them, not that simple.


Feliciano Vargas/N.Italy

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