Game Information
Creator Kia
Medium RPG Maker VX
Genre Horror, Suspense
Language English
Game Version Chapter 1
Game Status Unfinished [Indefinite Hiatus]


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Corpsetalia Chapter 1

Corpsetalia is a Hetalia fangame made with RPG Maker VX. It is based on the PC game (Later ported to the PSP) Corpse Party: Blood Covered developed by Team GrisGris.

There are five chapters planned, each to be a seperate game. Currently only Chapter 1 has been released for download.

As of January 29th, 2014 the game has been placed on an "Indefinite Hiatus" due to the creators lack of time and ideas for Chapter 2.

Game Plot/Game SummaryEdit

During a meeting hosted in Japan, Japan reveals to the thirteen visiting nations that the new office they are currently in used to be a place called Heavenly Host Elementary School until a terrible accident involving a teacher occurred and the building was demolished. 

Afterwards, Italy mentions that he discovered a magic frienship charm on the internet and asks the other nations to participate with him. However, upon completing the charm, the building is subjected to a violent earthquake, collapsing the ground beneath the nations and causing them to fall.

Now seperated, they must reunite and find a way to escape. However, as they explore, they uncover disturbing facts and begin to realize that the Heavenly Host Elementary School was not so heavenly.


England Artist Shishi

An image used as an example of the art style to expect Chapter 1.










Romano (South Italy)Edit




Bug Reports/ ErrorsEdit

- When examining a sign in one of the rooms, it seems as thoughFrance and England will walk through the walls to reach it, but that is not a wall its just stage and chalkboard.

Trivia/ Extra FactsEdit

- No knowledge on the game Corpse Party is required in order to understand Corpsetalia. This is probably because the game does not follow Corpse Party's plot 100%. 



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