Animal hetalia: Tamashi no Wa Edit

Welcome to the page Animal Hetalia: Tamashi no Wa!

Here you will find some additional info on the new Animal heta-game Tamashi no Wa, which means Ring/Circle of souls

Go here for the main Wiki of the game: /wiki/Animal_Hetalia:Tamashi-no-Wa_Wiki

Intro: Animal Hetalia Edit

As the title might give out, this Heta-game's characters features the(fanmade designs of the) animal counter-parts of the original countries. Please keep in mind that this game is purely fanmade and the Creators of the game owns nothing but their own art, ideas, and the animal nations OCs/designs.

The game is currently in construction, very little has been revealed to the public. Only prototypes and WIPs has been posted on DeviantART, most of it on the account Shadyshadowcat.

Other websites: Edit

  • Tumblr (beware the creepy music though it needs way more work uwu)
  • DeviantART group
  • Main Wiki (for people who somehow hadn't seen the link above, you never know these days :/)

Crew members/Creators: Edit

Plot Edit

America invites the other countries to a camping trip in a forest, far away from civilization. They soon realize that they can't leave and England remembers are rumors of an ancient curse setted on this forest long ago. Things get even more strange when Romano disappears without a trance... What's going on...?

Characters Edit

The characters listed below are created by Shadyshadowcat, Senncho, and Multi-Creator on DevinatART


  • Italy/Felice
  • Romano
  • Japan/Koichi
  • Germany


  • America
  • China/Yu Wang
  • England
  • France
  • Russia
  • Canada/Nico Williams


  • Spain
  • Sealand
    • Temp. Animal!Italy refGo to Click to go to DeviantART image
    • temp. Romano refGo to Click for DeviantART image
    • Animal!japan refGo to Click for DeviantART image
    • Animal!China refGo to Click for DeviantART Image
    • Temp. S.Korea refGo to Click for DeviantART image
    • Animal!America refGo to Click for DeviantART Image