Game Information
Title screen by starpower9000
Creator Starpower9000
Medium RPG Maker VX
Genre Horror
Language English
Game Version Chapters 1-8
Game Status Ongoing
Website Starpower9000

"There can be no happy end..."
2p!HetaOni in an English game based off the HetaOni game created by Tomoyoshi, which was based off the game Ao Oni by noprops. There are currently two versions of 2p!HetaOni in production. For the version made by Italy-PastaLove see 2P!HetaOni.

The plot is essentially a playable version of OneRandomNameIndeed's comic. Because of this, the plot is similar to its sister project (version made by Italy-PastaLove, link above), although it should be noted that both games were created independently.

Game Plot/Game SummaryEdit

The countries of the 2-Player alternate universe visit a deserted mansion only a few hours from the World Summit. Once inside, they find that they are trapped and will have to find a way to escape. At first, only 2P! Italy succeeds, escaping the manor as the only survivor. But things get complicated when he decides to return and demand a do-over...


The game consists so far of the 2P!Axis Powers (including 2P!Prussia) and the 2P!Allied Forces. The 2P!Allied Forces make their debut in chapter three, whereas the first two chapters focus on the 2P!Axis.

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Bug Reports/ ErrorsEdit

Font Error Edit

-During early releases there were issues with the font type not appearing on other devices; however this problem has been solved and newer versions will not require a special font type.

Possible Save File/Event Bugs Edit

-Due to the constant updates by chapter, previous events have been tweaked to allow for more interaction or options for players new to the game. Because of this, a re-use of old save files, while convenient, is not always guaranteed to work. So far there hasn't been an issue for this, but it is suggested in the case of unknown error messages.

Trivia/ Extra FactsEdit

-The title screen music has changed with each chapter so far; the first version being 8Bit Alice Human Sacrifice, to Hetalia England's Demon Summoning Song, and with an update, The Watchmaker's Apprentice by The Clockwork Quartet.